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  • [MACWORLD Expo/TOKYO] Peripherals Bloom in iMac Colors
  • February 24, 1999 (TOKYO) — Personal computer peripherals with a semi-transparent appearance similar to the iMac colors were eye-catchers at MACWORLD Expo/Tokyo ’99.

    Uchishiba Seisakusho

    The three-day show held in Makuhari Messe, Chiba prefecture, near Tokyo ended on Feb. 20.

    Uchishiba Seisakusho Inc. for example, exhibited its Carbon iMac in black (left photo). It will provide coating services on iMacs brought by users. The service is to cover the sides, the apple mark, and a mouse of an iMac with carbon material. Because the material is carbon fiber, it shows a lattice pattern.

    The coating is done by handcrafted work and it usually takes 10 days for the whole process. It costs 100,000 yen (US$820). The company will launch the service soon.

    Yano Electric Co., Ltd. introduced the five color variations for its USB-compliant magneto optical (MO) drive, FDD, PC card drive and SmartMedia drive. (right photo) The production is expected to start at the end of March 1999.

    Yano introduced a package of MO media in five iMac colors.

    Yano Eelctric

    Alps Electric Co., Ltd. displayed its Micro Dry printer MD-5000 in five colors. According to Alps’ staff, it launched a new model in bondi blue in December 1998 with a limited sales period, and it received twice as many orders as it initially expected. The company expedited production, which hardly caught up with demand.

    Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd. and Oki Data Corp. also exhibited their printers in five colors.

    Niigata-based Niigata Canotec introduced flat speakers in iMac five colors (photo below).

    Most of those colorful peripherals are prototypes. Many manufacturers expressed a wait-and-see attitude as they examine consumers’ reactions at the exhibition before deciding on actual production.

    Many women visitors reacted positively to the colorful products.

    Niigata Canotec

    There will be a time when users select peripherals by color.

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