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  • Sharp to Market DVD Player with Theater-Like Sound
  • February 24, 1999 (TOKYO) — Sharp Corp. said that on Feb. 26 it will begin sales of a new DVD player, the DV-S200, with a built-in DTS decoder circuit that offers theater-like sound quality.
    It will be the first DVD player to incorporate a built-in DTS decoder.

    DTS, a new format for recording audio data that is being adopted for use in a variety of applications including movie soundtracks, was originally developed by Digital Theater Systems Inc. in the United States. It has been attracting much praise from audio and movie enthusiasts, who laud its ability to give realistic audio playback.

    DTS boasts a higher bit rate than the Dolby Digital format that is the current norm for use on the soundtracks of DVD movies. With Dolby Digital, audio signals are processed at a maximum rate of 448kbps. The comparable figure for DTS is almost 3.4 times faster than that at 1,536kbps.

    In the United States and other countries, some DVD movie titles that use the DTS format are already on the market (for further details refer to http://www.dtstech.co.jp/ –in Japanese, http://www.dtstech.com/ — in English). However, currently available DVD players are merely capable of outputting the DTS data through ordinary digital audio output jacks, even if they claim compatibility with DTS.

    With Sharp’s new DVD player it is possible to have multi-channel playback of audio signals in different formats, including DTS and Digital Dolby, by connecting up a 5.1 channel audio amplifier to the player’s 5.1 channel analog output jack.

    The new player measures 270mm (wide) x 338mm (deep) x 80mm (high) and weighs around 2.5kg. Its power consumption is 16W, and when switched off it consumes no power at all because its 100V AC mains power supply is physically cut off.

    The price of the player is to be 83,000 yen (US$695), and Sharp plans to manufacture 1,000 units per month.

    (Nikkei Electronics)

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