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  • Dennotai to Offer Online Survey System for Mobile Phones
  • February 24, 1999 (TOKYO) — Dennotai Co., Ltd. developed a system for conducting questionnaires and playing games via mobile phones by using the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).
    Dennotai is an Internet content production company.

    WAP is a technology for browsing Internet content via mobile phones. IDO Corp. and DDI Cellular Group will start new WAP services from April, and Tu-Ka Group will introduce similar services as early as this summer. Dennotai will offer content for those groups.

    Dennotai‘s new questionnaire survey system consists of Internet Survey Engine server software for collecting answers of a questionnaire on the Internet as well as the WAP Module conversion software, for making Internet content WAP-compliant.

    The Internet Survey Engine will be available in March. Dennotai won’t sell the WAP Module software for a while because it will receive orders using the WAP Module from companies seeking to conduct surveys among mobile phone users.

    Dennotai also developed an online battle game based on WAP. The company will provide the online game service on its own.

    “The company is considering whether this game should be free or carry a charge on the basis of a monthly membership fee,” said Daisuke Nagata of Dennotai.

    WAP, which was developed by Unwired Planet Inc. of the United States, is a technology that enables a mobile phone to be used as a data transmission/reception terminal. Motorola Inc., Nokia, Ericsson and other major cellular phone manufacturers are standardizing the technology.

    As for similar services, NTT Mobile Communications Network Inc. (NTT DoCoMo) started the “iMode” service on Feb. 22. With the iMode service, users can make remittances to a bank, purchase and sell stocks, reserve event tickets, and conduct other transactions through their cellular phones. This service is based on the TCP/IP protocol and other Internet technologies in use, and is not compatible with WAP.

    Additionally, Dennotai plans to launch questionnaire and online game services for iMode-compliant mobile phones.

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