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  • Yamaha Develops Pentium III-Powered SoftSynthesizer Module
  • February 25, 1999 (TOKYO) — Yamaha Corp. announced that it developed Poly-VL, a plug-in module for SoftSynthesizer that takes advantage of the instructions for Intel Corp.’s Pentium III microprocessor.
    Poly-VL can realize high-speed computations of sound sources for the Virtual Acoustic synthesizer, which simulates the sound generation of musical instruments. Yamaha said that Poly-VL can reproduce up to eight polyphonic “voices” compared to a single voice produced by a conventional VA synthesizer.

    Yamaha plans to license the technology to personal computer makers, a company spokesman said.

    The Virtual Acoustic synthesizer simulates vibrations of air as well as resonance of a musical instrument to generate sounds. The synthesizer is capable of clearly regenerating the sound of a brass instrument. However, software has traditionally produced just a single voice at a time, because it needs to process a large volume of data.

    Yamaha’s new SoftSynthesizer can produce up to eight simultaneous sounds by taking advantage of “Streaming SIMD Extensions” adopted by Intel’s Pentium III microprocessor. The new instructions will allow users to recreate the sound of a brass ensemble of up to eight instruments, such as saxophones, trombones and trumpets.

    Poly-VL will be used as an additional module for the S-YXG100 SoftSynthesizer developed by Yamaha. The leading musical instrument maker has released S-YXG100plus V1.0, a package of S-YXG100 and S-PLG100-VL, a plug-in module for Virtual Acoustic synthesizer.

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