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  • TU-KA Cellular Tokyo to Offer Lightest Cellular Phone
  • February 25, 1999 (TOKYO) — TU-KA Cellular Tokyo, a leading mobile phone service company, announced that it will launch in March the TH18S cellular phone, the world’s lightest.
    The TH18S model weighs 65g, or two grams lighter than the D201K, which is currently the lightest cellular phone model. Kyocera Corp. makes both the TH18S and the D201K models.

    The TH18S and the D201K are digital units based on the personal digital cellular (PDC) system, Japan’s most popular system. Most PDC-compliant cellular phones are in the weight range of 70g to 85g.

    The new TH18S has a capacity of 140 standby hours, and 100 minutes of continuous communication. It can use the company’s text-based information service called SkyMessage, which has been in service from the fall of 1998.

    Kyocera marketed the lightest cellular phone model in the summer of 1998, contributing to the development of compact cellular phones.

    Also, Kyocera offers the cdmaOne C102K, the lightest model among the six new models that are based on the cdmaOne system. The six models were released by Cellular Phone Group on Feb. 15. The cdmaOne C102K weighs 73g.

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