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New Year Special Features '99

  • Hitachi Plant to Bolster Clean Room Renovation Business
  • January 11, 1999 (TOKYO) — Hitachi Plant Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd., a leading construction company for clean rooms at microchip manufacturing plants, said it will strengthen its clean room business called Clean Room Renovation.
    The company will propose to customers technical aspects that will help optimize clean room operations. These are based on its studies on actual operating conditions of their clean rooms. The company has offered such proposals to customers upon request. However, it will now act to propose clean room optimization plans.

    Hitachi Plant Engineering has formed a team of about 30 specialized engineers capable of dealing with hardware and software. And it created a check-list of 160 items for investigating the operating conditions of a clean room. Also, it established an analytical center for analyzing generated particles and contaminated substances as well as a clean-technology center to optimize such renovation work.

    Also, the company’s proposals will include items such as management of parts and operational procedures, and the training of operators.

    In one case, Hitachi Plant Engineering proposed to make the most of an existing clean room owned by a corporate customer that had sought to build a new facility. The company found that the client’s existing facility could be improved by implementing a set of operating procedures and plans to enhance maintenance. The customer agreed and said that the cost was much lower than building a new facility. The client also noted that it was able to achieve the required levels of performance.

    Hitachi Plant Engineering seeks to increase its sales in its clean room renovation business from 12 billion yen (US$107 million) in fiscal 1998 to 20 billion yen (US$178 million) in fiscal 1999, and to 30 billion yen (US$267 million) in a few years.

    (Nikkei Microdevices)

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