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New Year Special Features '99

  • Nihon Silicon Graphics Effects Major Structural Reform
  • January 12, 1999 (TOKYO) — Nihon Silicon Graphics KK on Jan. 5 effected a major structural reform and set up a division for direct sales.
    Nihon SGI established a solutions sales division to sell the firm’s supercomputers, servers and other products directly to major corporate users. In addition, it set up a system integration division to provide users with technological support on system integration, and a management planning division to reinforce its management system.

    The firm also reorganized its sales division and set up two divisions, a workstation sales division that handles indirect sales of its products and a technology marketing division that extends technology support for products. With these changes, Nihon SGI established direct and indirect sales channels simultaneously.

    The company’s domestic sales have been leveling off for several years. The primary objective of the structural reform was to push up domestic sales sharply by starting direct sales, which are considered more profitable than indirect sales.

    The head of the newly established solutions sales division and system integration division is Nobuyuki Takizawa, who was appointed director of Nihon SGI on Jan. 5. Takizawa was a former director and head of the sales division of Tandem Computers Japan Ltd. Norio Izumi, the incumbent president of Nihon SGI, was also with Tandem.

    In the structural reform, the Izumi-Takizawa leadership in the direct sales division of Tandem was revived in Nihon SGI.

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