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New Year Special Features '99

  • AT&T; Jens Lowers Leased Line Rates to Compete with NTT
  • January 12, 1999 (TOKYO) — Starting Jan. 1 of this year, AT&T; Jens Corp. lowered rates for each of its enterprise Internet connection service plans to be more competitive.
    The enterprise plans, called AT&T; WorldNet MIS, use leased lines as access lines.

    “It is a countermeasure towards leased line connection services by Type I telecommunication carriers in Japan such as Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.’s Super OCN,” AT&T; Jens said.

    Rates were lowered an average of 13 percent. Prices were largely lowered in the 64k, 256k and 1.5Mbps plans. The company’s 64k and 256kbps services were lowered by 20 percent each and the 1.5Mbps service by 19 percent. The new monthly rates are 72,000 yen (64k, US$650), 280,000 yen (256k, US$2,520) and 730,000 yen (1.5M, US$6,570) for basic services for a one-year contract period.

    With the price cuts, low-speed connections of 128kbps and high-speed connections of 1M to 6Mbps services giving AT&T; Jens a price advantage over NTT’s Super OCN. The differences in monthly rates between the two companies are 2,000 yen (US$18) for 128k, 20,000 yen for 1.5M and 280,000 yen for 6M.

    (Nikkei Communications)

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