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New Year Special Features '99

  • NEC Debuts PC Server Series Using Xeon Processors
  • January 13, 1999 (TOKYO) — NEC Corp. released a PC server series that can be configured with as many as eight Intel Corp. Xeon processors.
    This series will provide, in addition to NEC’s “Express5800” PC server, six models of the 100 Series and one model of the 600 Series that employ a 450MHz Pentium II Xeon.

    Intel’s new Xeon can be configured with up to four processors. But NEC made it technically possible for two models out of seven to support up to eight processors. The 100 Series is to ship on Feb. 5, and the 600 Series on March 1.

    There are two types of 100 Series models, the tower (“140Ma,” “140Ha” and “180Ha”) and rack mount type (“140Ma-R,” “140Ha-R” and “180Ha-R”). All models have the same specifications as the existing models, except for the processor.

    The model 690AD is an addition to the 600 Series. This is the highest model in the 600 series and can work with office computers. The maximum number of processors for the 100 and 600 series is 4 (“140Ma,” “140Ma-R,” “140Ha,” “140Ha-R” and “690AD”) or eight (“180Ha” and “180Ha-R”).

    The 140Ma with one 450MHz Xeon processor (512KB secondary cache memory) sells for 1,450,000 yen (US$13,000). The 180Ha with two 450MHz Xeon processors (1MB secondary cache memory) sells for 5,520,000 yen (US$49,500). The 690AD with four 450MHz Xeon processors (2MB secondary cache memory) sells for 47,700,000 yen (US$427,700).

    (BizTech News Dept.)

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