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New Year Special Features '99

  • Fujitsu Laboratories Develops Small, Portable Scanner
  • January 15, 1999 (TOKYO) — Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. said it has developed a small, portable scanner that works without being connected to a personal computer.
    DigitalMEMO measures 161mm wide x 28mm deep x 67mm high and weighs 238 grams. The scanner has operational buttons, a liquid-crystal display panel on which a user can confirm the scanned-in documents and a central processing unit for simple data processing.

    The private research institute is currently in the process of enhancing the product’s operability and extending the number of hours it can run on batteries. It aims for commercialization and release by the end of the year. The price reportedly will range from 30,000-40,000 yen (US$270-360).

    A user can place the scanner on a document and slide its main body to scan the image data. The scanned-in data will be read into memory installed in the main body. The model can store about 320 A6-sized documents of data.

    The product can scan documents in any direction since it can automatically detect the moving direction of the image data. It can also transfer the scanned-in data to a PC via a serial interface.

    The gray scale level for scanning is Level 2 (monochrome) and the resolution is 400dpi. The LCD panel, measuring 44mm x 59mm, is an on-screen touch panel of 320 x 240 dots and shows the scanned-in image in four levels of shades. The scanner uses two AAA batteries.

    Fujitsu Ltd. previously released a small-sized scanner, the RapidScan RS-10/20. The product, however, needs to be connected to a PC or a Windows CE equipped-handheld PC to scan in documents. To meet requests for scanning without a PC and for a stand-alone model, the firm’s research institute started development of the DigitalMEMO.

    Fujitsu Laboratories is a wholly-owned affiliate of Fujitsu Ltd. It researches and develops semiconductors, communication and peripheral products. DigitalMEMO will be sold by Fujitsu.

    (BizTech News Dept.)

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