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  • Online Shopper Numbers Stall in Japan: Nikkei Multimedia Survey
  • January 18, 1999 (TOKYO) — A Nikkei Multimedia survey found that the number of Internet online shoppers in Japan came to a standstill just before it reached the 50-percent mark.
    This is the first time the number of polled online shoppers, which has increased smoothly since Nikkei Multimedia started the survey in December 1995, dropped compared with the previous poll, the 7th Survey of Internet Active Users said.

    The survey said that the number of pollees who used the Internet for shopping stood at 46.6 percent, a loss of 1.7 points from the previous survey, mirroring a strong concern among consumers over use of the Internet for shopping.

    Of those who said that they did not use the Internet for shopping, 54.9 percent cited concerns, including security, as their main reasons, the survey said.

    Even among those who shopped more than 10 times through the Internet, 56.2 percent said they were worried that personal information, including their credit card numbers, might be stolen, the survey said.

    Only 7.1 percent of those who bought more than 10 times via the Internet said they had no worries using the Internet for shopping, the survey said.

    There were 8,812 valid responses to the Nikkei Multimedia survey, which was conducted between Nov. 18 and Dec. 2, 1998.

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