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  • Y2K Problem Found in IBM Japan’s Application Package
  • January 19, 1999 (TOKYO) — A year 2000 problem was found in IBM Japan Ltd.’s application package software, according to a source close to the company.
    The problem means that the software fails to process transactions dated January 1999 or later. It was discovered by IBM Japan in December 1998.

    The affected packages are the D-PACK/36 and the D-PACK/ET of the PACK series developed for small and midsize businesses. These two packages are sales management programs run on the old S/36 system and shipped in the period of 1985 through 1990.

    The packages will display an error message of “Invalid Transaction Date” upon entering sales, ordering and purchasing data of January 1999 or later, and the system then stops.

    The date validation program for transaction entry dates only looks at the last two digits of the year, a typical year 2000 issue. This validation program requires that the transaction date be within a year. Because of this, a transaction of January 1999 or later will result in a comparison between “00” and “99,” which will cause an error.

    IBM Japan already announced that the two packages were not Y2K compliant, but failed to notice the January 1999 problem. The “99” issue was found in a company survey.

    The company said that the two packages were sold to 97 companies, and that 26 firms are using them, including S/36 execution environments on AS/400 computers. IBM distributed the notice and program workaround to all users by Dec. 29, 1998.

    (Nikkei Computer)

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