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  • Previous iMac Model to Disappear from PC Shops in Japan
  • January 19, 1999 (TOKYO) — Personal computer retailers in Tokyo said an existing model of the iMac series provided by Apple Japan Inc. will disappear from store shelves within one or two months.
    According to a survey of retail prices for personal computers sold at six large stores in the Akihabara and Shinjuku electronics areas of Tokyo, which was conducted by Nikkei Personal Computing as of Jan. 10, the price of an existing iMac model stood at 128,000 yen (US$1,135), 50,000 yen (US$440) lower than the price before Jan. 6.

    Though Apple Japan insists that old iMac models remain with new models at shops for the time being, there is a rumor prevailing among retailers that within one of two months old iMac machines will be pulled from the market.

    A major PC outlet in Akihabara, the largest shopping district for electric products in Tokyo, argues that Apple is just continuing to sell old iMac models with the aim of appealing to potential customers to show how affordable iMac is. The shop says, “For Apple, a new iMac is a cash cow for making a profit.”

    Many PC shops claim it is time for users to buy a 128,000-yen iMac because of the slim chance of PC shops cutting the price further, judging from the thin profit margin of the existing iMac.

    Nikkei Personal Computing also suggests that users refrain from purchasing Windows PCs at present, saying that new Windows models with much higher-price performance will be marketed as spring models from a variety of PC makers in mid-February or later. In reality, high-price performance machines were sold out regardless of maker during the year-end shopping season.

    A list of prices of the surveyed mainstay products is available on the Web site of Nikkei Personal Computing, but only in Japanese.

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    (Nikkei Personal Computing)

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