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  • Japan’s TTNet to Start Int’l Calling Services in July
  • January 21, 1999 (TOKYO) — Tokyo Telecommunications Network Co., Inc. (TTNet), an affiliate of Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc., said it will start international calling services this July.
    The services are provided for subscribers of “Tokyo Denwa” (Tokyo Telephone). Tokyo Denwa is a local telephone service TTNet started in Tokyo and its adjacent area in January 1998.

    Recently, each of the telecom companies in Japan has begun offering both domestic and international calling services. Japan Telecom Co., Ltd., KDD Corp. and DDI Corp. have been providing both services since October 1997, July 1998 and October 1998, respectively. By October 1999, a new NTT company following the NTT break-up will provide long-distance and international calling services.

    TTNet will not offer a discount plan, but will likely have a simple rate card as a selling point, comparable to its Tokyo Denwa service. Although the rate card fee has not yet been determined, “it would be set at levels competitive in the marketplace,” said a TTNet official.

    The number of subscribers with Tokyo Denwa reached about 1.8 million in early January 1999. TTNet provides subscribers with both local and out-of-city calling services, and it is going to add a service for international phone calls.

    Users simply dial “0082” before the number of a receiving party. The service will be available for TTNet’s subscribers and ISDN users using TTNet’s subscribers’ lines as well. As for the international network, other networks owned by companies like KDD will be used.

    Apart from the international telephone call services, TTNet plans to add an inexpensive Internet connection service. With a full lineup of Tokyo Denwa services, the company hopes to further increase its number of subscribers to 2.5 million, which is a break-even point for its business.

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