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  • AOL Japan’s Membership Tops 200,000
  • January 26, 1999 (TOKYO) — AOL Japan Inc. said the number of members for its online service topped 200,000 as of Jan. 7.
    AOL Japan started service on April 15, 1997, enlarging the membership of the online service to 100,000 by the end of April 1998, to 150,000 in October 1998, and then up to 200,000 this January by retaining an additional 50,000 members within last three months.

    “The recovery of the market for personal computers and our sales campaign last year’s end have worked to help membership,” said AOL Japan President Hidemaru Sato.

    In addition to the latest membership figures, the company also announced it would provide a new version of its application to access its online service. AOL 4.0 (Japanese version) will be available for free from Jan. 26. AOL 4.0 enables users to attach graphics into the body of their email.

    AOL 4.0 also makes the contents in French and German Web sites of AOL available to its users, in addition to the contents of American Web sites already available for use.

    The current version of AOL 4.0 is only for Windows for the time being. Users can download the application from AOL Japan’s Web site or from a CD-ROM offered at PC shops.

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