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  • HP Japan to Provide Insights on Business Innovation
  • January 27, 1999 (TOKYO) — Hewlett-Packard Japan Ltd. said that it will hold a series of lectures on its methods of business innovations, including those of the worldwide Hewlett-Packard Co. group.
    HP Japan chairman Katsuto Kohtani will give some of the lectures.

    Starting in January, the company will hold a monthly seminar for corporate executives under the sponsorship of its Customer Education department, which deals with training on information technologies such as the Internet.

    Kazunori Shibata, an HP Japan quality manager, and other staff members who have been advancing HP Japan’s business innovations also will give lecturers.

    Corporate chairmen rarely give such lectures on business engineering and reorganization efforts, as they prefer to keep such information confidential. This will be the first case among HP group companies to hold such a series of seminars.

    Such seminars might assist Japanese enterprises and help boost their confidence in the midst of Japan’s recession, Kohtani said.

    The HP group’s business concept, which is known as “the HP Way,” is said to be similar to Japanese-style management. The company’s management has been a model for many Japanese enterprises.

    Various Japanese companies have requested details of the HP group’s management methods. HP Japan said that it will make public some of its key management information. Such information concerns its methods to promote innovation among its research group and other staff.

    The fee for the seminar is 150,000 yen (US$1,310) a person. In addition, HP Japan plans to provide separate special training programs to about 10 enterprises a year.

    HP Japan expects annual revenue of about 50 million yen (US$437,000) from the lectures. The company is eager to further expand its offerings in the field of information technology education.

    (Nikkei Business)

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