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  • Japan Industry Group Announces Digital Camera File Rule
  • January 27, 1999 (TOKYO) — The Japan Electronic Industry Development Association published the Design rule for Camera File system (DCF) as a guide for digital still camera file systems.
    Using digital cameras and printers built to conform with this rule, users can regenerate taken pictures on various different models. They also can print them simply by installing on a printer a removable memory with recorded pictures.

    Digital cameras have spread widely and rapidly for the past several years. However, specifications such as directory structures to store image files are different from one maker to another. Such differences in the file systems have made data handling incompatible among the makers.

    Consequently, JEIDA decided to make DCF, a rule common to the file systems. It has been engaged in the work since the end of September 1998.

    Specifications provided in the published DCF include: (1) a range for using Exchangeable image file format (Exif) as a basic file, (2) a rule for directory structure and file names to store files, (3) a rule for regenerating images, including use of the number of pixels and thumbnails, (4) expanded specifications to store non-compressed images and moving picture files, and (5) file operation to store and transfer voice files synchronized with the images.

    According to JEIDA, the above specifications refer to “Exif Version 2.1,” an image format rule for digital still cameras; “ExifR98 Version 1.0,” a detailed compatibility rule related to JEIDA’s rule; and “CIFF Version 1.0,” specifications provided by the Camera Image File Format (CIFF) Forum of camera makers headed by Canon Inc.

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