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  • Japanese Groups Work Out Y2K Plan for Embedded Systems
  • January 29, 1999 (TOKYO) — Seven major Japanese industry organizations announced a guideline to cope with the Year 2000 date problem in microprocessor-embedded systems.
    The seven include the Japan Electronic Industry Development Association (JEIDA) and others in the sectors of electronic devices and information services.

    The guideline is called “The Guideline of Microcomputer-Embedded Systems Responding to Year 2000 Problem.” The seven organizations are determined to have their member corporations take thorough countermeasures to cope with the Year 2000 challenge in accordance with the guideline.

    The guideline stipulates (1) preparation for a management system in charge of the Year 2000 problem, (2) promotion of a response to the problem on the user side and (3) instructions to makers regarding establishment of a plan to counter errors.

    It also describes time management functions of microprocessor-embedded systems. Systems are grouped into four types: (1) Systems with real-time clocks (absolute time management function), (2) systems with an interval timer (relative time management function), (3) systems using data of a date, namely, “year, month and day,” and (4) systems without a timer function and date data. Each type is given concrete examples of specific system names and measures to be taken.

    The seven organizations that set the guideline are: the Japan Electronic Industry Development Association, the Japan Information Service Industry Association, the Japan System House Association, the Japan Business Machine Makers Association, the Japan Electric Measuring Instruments Manufacturers’ Association, the Electronic Industries Association of Japan and the Japan Personal Computer Software Association.

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