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  • Sony’s Digital Music Buyers Reach 1,000 in First Week
  • March 2, 1999 (TOKYO) — Musician Moroharu Sano’s music is selling at a brisk pace over the Internet, according to Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
    Specifically, Sano’s work called “Boku wa Orokana Jinrui no Kodomo Datta” (I realize I was a child of foolish human beings) is enjoying good sales online.

    The work is in the form of digital music content, or a “Digital Art Piece.” Sony Music put the work on sale in the period of Feb. 15 through Feb. 28.

    “In the first week, a total of 1,000 people purchased this Digital Art Piece,” a company official said.

    Digital Art Pieces are program content that can be downloaded from a Web page and reproduced on a PC.

    A fee of 300 yen (US$2.50) is charged for a title by Sano. The content comprises music and images, including Sano’s own illustrations.

    The Sony Music official said that the Digital Art Piece program is “an experiment to define a new style of music content.”

    By using “ConnecteD” (technology that links a Web page and a music CD from Sony Music), a Digital Art Piece program and a music CD can play together. For example, users can only view content that is hidden in the Digital Art Piece when they insert a new CD in their PC. The new CD was released on March 1.

    Sony Music said it will offer Digital Art Piece products as a new type of music medium and utilize them as sales promotion tools for music CDs.

    Also, Sony Music plans to use the Digital Art Piece program for marketing activities, such as providing music information via email messages.

    (Nikkei Multimedia (Nikkei Multimedia)

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