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  • U.S. Network Game Venture Sets Up Office in Japan
  • March 3, 1999 (TOKYO) — VR.1 Inc. of Boulder, Colo., which develops network games, established an office in Japan on Feb. 24.
    The company aims to develop software in an effort to enter the Japanese market. Also, VR.1 seeks to enhance its sales in Japan.

    The new company will develop and market game software for homes as well as network games. It also will localize and support VR.1 Conductor, a network game development tool.

    Michael J. Moniz, president of VR.1 of the United States, said that the company aims to introduce products suited to the Japanese game market by employing Japanese staff.

    VR.1 Japan Inc. is capitalized at 10 million yen, and is solely funded by the U.S. parent company.

    Shige Yoshikawa, former group senior producer of Sony Communication Network Corp., is president of VR.1 Japan. At Sony, Yoshikawa developed the “Post Pet,” popular email software package in which animated pets deliver email messages.

    Yoshikawa is supervising the development of three titles for home game machines, two network games and two Japanese titles for network games developed by VR.1 of the United States. All of these projects are slated to be completed within 1999.

    Also this year, Yoshikawa hopes to start developing four titles for home game equipment, three titles for network games and two titles for localization into Japanese of the network game developed by VR.1.

    Yoshikawa declined to comment on the software for home game equipment with communications capabilities.

    As for VR.1 Conductor, the localization is underway, and a release date is tentatively set for November 1999. Until then, promotion activities will be focused on the English version software. The Japanese company will support users in Japan and in other Asian countries.

    The office in Japan was established in conjunction with Planning Office Wada, a game software company that was acquired by VR.1 in December 1998. It now has 41 employees.

    VR.1 Japan’s sales target for the initial year (February 1999 through December 1999) is 400 million yen.

    (BizTech News Dept.)

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