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  • Matsushita to Start Recycling UPS Batteries
  • March 3, 1999 (TOKYO) — Matsushita Battery Industrial Co., Ltd. said it will start recycling used uninterruptible power supply (UPS) batteries on April 1.
    The used UPS batteries for recycling will be in the P3 lineup of computer-peripherals produced by the Matsushita Group. According to Matsushita, batteries in this line have been sold to provide about three quarters of the total UPS sales of the company.

    The company has provided recycling services individually upon requests from users. However, a recent focus on environmental issues has prompted manufacturers to draw up recycling measures. In addition, demand for UPS replacement batteries is expected to increase.

    The Pb battery that is used for the UPS is now one a specifically controlled industry waste item defined in the wastes disposal law revised in December 1998. The law obliges the users of the Pb battery to bring the used battery to the processing company.

    The users could be jailed or fined if they dispose of the used battery illegally.

    The company will undertake the whole process concerning the disposal of used batteries. Specifically, eight maintenance companies of household electrical appliances collect the used batteries and bring them to recycling companies when they change the batteries, and the companies then recycle them.

    The cost of collecting the used batteries depends on the installed batteries. In the case of the lowest-priced product, the DE-U351KSA, it will be about 15,000 yen (US$120), including the cost of battery replacement.

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