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  • Prices for New Fujitsu PC Models Fall Substantially: Nikkei PC Survey
  • March 8, 1999 (TOKYO) — Prices for new personal computer models in Japan remain stable, except for Fujitsu Ltd.’s desktop PCs with CRT displays.
    The Fujitsu models showed a drop of about 20,000 yen (121.34 yen=US$1) compared with the previous week.

    These are the results of a regular survey by Nikkei Personal Computing on February 21 on six major personal computer retailers in the Akihabara and Shinjuku electronics districts in Tokyo.

    According to the survey, prices for Fujitsu’s old desktop models with CRT displays — FMV-DESKPOWER SVII1335 (word model) and FMV-DESKPOWER SVII337 (word model) — also declined by about 10,000 yen.

    The price for IBM Japan Ltd.’s old model subnote PC, the ThinkPad235 (2607-20J), plunged by about 20,000 yen, the survey said.

    The survey pointed out that there is an overall shortage of supply, but retailers had inventories at the time of the survey. However, retailers in Akihabara and Shinjuku almost sold out all of the popular models the next day.

    There is a shortage of supply of the low-priced NEC Corp. desktop ValueStar NX R series, Fujitsu’s compact FMV-DESKPOWER CIX35L, FMV-DESKPOWER CIX40Lc and FMV-DESKPOWER CIX40L, all of them with liquid-crystal display (LCD) monitors, and IBM Japan’s 100,000 yen models, the survey said.

    As for notebook PC models, all of NEC and Fujitsu models are limited in stock, and so are Toshiba Corp.’s DynaBook Satellite 2520CDTA and DynaBook Satellite 4030X CDTA, and Sony’s VAIO PCG-777/BP and VAIO PCG881/BP, the survey said.

    Since prices for Sony’s two popular models are reasonable and the number of units to be shipped is unknown, retailers cannot even accept orders for them, the survey said.

    Furthermore, prices are not expected to fall like they did during the year-end sales campaign in 1998, because supply cannot keep up with demand now, the survey said.

    Concerning Macintoshes, the iMac still is short supply. All the surveyed retailers do not have the product in stock, with every retailer posting notices such as “Two Weeks Till Delivery,” “Three Weeks Till Delivery” or “Date of Shipment Undecided,” the survey said.

    The retailers do not know when and how many will be delivered because of undecided shipment and quantity, the survey said.

    Survey results are available on the Nikkei Personal Computing Web site in Japanese only.

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    (Nikkei Personal Computing)

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