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  • Sony, Toshiba to Jointly Make Future PlayStation Chips
  • March 10, 1999 (TOKYO) — Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Toshiba Corp. plan to set up a joint venture in April to manufacture system chips for the next-generation PlayStation.
    Toshiba will take a 51 percent stake in the venture and SCE will take the rest.

    Its production lines using 0.15-micron to 0.18-micron process technologies will be installed within the clean room of Toshiba’s plant in Oita prefecture.

    SCE will purchase all the production equipment at a cost of 50 billion yen (121.60 yen=US$1) and lend it to the new firm. Its production capacity will be 10,000 8-in. wafers per month. The production lines will start operating in the autumn of 1999, the companies said.

    The new firm will make system chips called the “Emotion Engine” for the next-generation PlayStation. It is likely to be able to mass-produce more than 2 million units per month. The next-generation PlayStation game machines using the system chips will be available within the year, the companies said.

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