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  • Pacific HiTech Introduces TurboLinux Cluster Product
  • March 10, 1999 (SAN JOSE, Calif.) — Tokyo-based Pacific HiTech Inc. announced the TurboLinux Cluster Web Server, a new Linux distribution.
    It features an embedded function that allows two or more machines to share an IP address and to enable load balancing.

    A demonstration was made by Pacific HiTech at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo held in San Jose, California, March 2-4.

    Delivery is scheduled for May, the company said.

    In practice, a front machine called a Load Balancer receives IP packets and transfers them to other computer servers. IP masquerading is applied to IP address sharing.

    Its address allocation algorithm was made by modifying a part of a round-robin system (a means of sequential allocation) so as to send more packets to a high-performance machine. The software monitors servers as to whether a HTTP service is working. When any server is down, the service can simply use other servers.

    When the Load Balancer is down, another server will be take charge of the function.

    IP services can be distributed, but so far the targets of monitoring are limited to HTTP services. Users need to prepare a mechanism for synchronization of data between servers.

    At the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo event, demonstrations of the TurboLinux Cluster Web Server were staged using several machines. The price of a two-machine system will be US$1,995; a three to eight-machine system US$3,995 and a system with nine or more machines US$9,995.

    Also, Pacific HiTech announced that it signed a contract with IBM Corp. to sell IBM middleware such as DB2 on TurboLinux.

    The company made public a scheduled delivery of another distribution product, TurboLinux Enterprise Server, in which Oracle8 for Linux (with a five-user license) and SendMailPro are bundled together. It will be launched in April in the United States. This product is an upgrade version of TurboLinux Server, due to be delivered in March in Japan, with the two software products bundled.

    SendMailPro is a commercial version of open source software that accounts for the largest share on the Internet. The price of the distribution product is yet to be determined. It is not decided if it will be released in the Japanese market.

    (Nikkei Open Systems)

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