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  • ‘White Box’ Makers Start Shipping Pentium III PCs in Japan
  • March 11, 1999 (TOKYO) — “White box” or “no name” personal computers using the Intel Corp. Pentium III microprocessor released on March 2 are already on retail store shelves in Japan.
    However, PCs with Pentium IIIs produced by major makers such as NEC Corp, Fujitsu Ltd. and Sony Corp. had yet to hit the shelves as of March 4.

    “NEC’s delivery date is not planned, yet and there is no supply of Fujitsu and Sony’s products until this weekend,” an official of Ado Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. said on March 4.

    “Sony products’ supply will begin from this weekend,” an official of Laox Co., Ltd. said on March 4. Shipment of major makers except Sony and Fujitsu is delayed.

    The shipments of white box PCs are steady, as observed at four major retail stores in Tokyo’s Akihabara district.

    Laox started to retail PCs with Pentium III microprocessors produced by Sotec Co. Ado Electronic Industrial’s chain T.ZONE started to retail Proton Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.-made PCs. Sofmap Co., Ltd. put PCs made by Softbank Corp. at its shop fronts.

    Also, Tsukumo Electronics Co., Ltd. is selling PCs jointly developed with Tatung Co. of Japan Inc.

    The unit price of a 500MHz Pentium III microprocessor in lots of 1,000 is 80,870 yen (121.37 yen=US$1), which costs more than a 450MHz Pentium II counterpart by 25,000 yen. However, most of white box makers’ Pentium III PCs are priced at around 200,000 yen, as well as PCs with 450MHz Pentium II microprocessors.

    (Nikkei Electronics)

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