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  • Clarion to Market New Multimedia Car Audio Products
  • March 11, 1999 (TOKYO) — Clarion Co., Ltd. unveiled a car audio product series called ADDZEST as a part of its IN-CAR NET concept, the company’s multimedia auto device promotion program.
    Clarion’s new series of car audio models features CeNET, a network provided inside the car. Eleven models of the total 15 models for this year are equipped with the network, according to Clarion. The network was used by only one model in 1998.

    CeNET is a bus that connects the car audio’s center unit, a car navigation system and a minidisc. Users can operate the car navigation system and a minidisc on the screen (on the center unit) by utilizing the bus to transmit control signals. For this reason, the data transmission speed of the car audio system is only 17kbps.

    Also, CeNET will allow the car audio system to connect to separate units for a hands-free mobile phone capability and for voice recognition.

    For example, according to Clarion, with ADDZEST, if a driver says he is hungry, the system will automatically input a “restaurant nearby” on its voice recognition unit. Using that data, the car navigation system will search for a suitable restaurant and inform the driver of a restaurant by voice.

    When the system introduces a restaurant of interest, the driver can state “telephone” to the voice recognition unit. When the system recognizes the input, the hands-free capability of the mobile phone will automatically call the restaurant selected by the driver, to make a reservation. The car navigation system will even guide the driver to the restaurant.

    The photo shows DMX7555z (2DIN), equipped with a minidisc, a compact disc and an AM/FM radio tuner. The model is the highest-end of the 1999 models. It will be released in mid-March at a price of 94,500 yen (121.37 yen = US$1).

    The TEL-LINK Unit for the hands-free mobile telephone capability, and Voice Control Unit for voice recognition will be sold separately at 27,200 yen and 52,500 yen, respectively.

    (Nikkei Electronics)

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