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  • Mitsubishi’s Software Site Opens for Business
  • March 12, 1999 (TOKYO) — Mitsubishi Corp. and its U.S. subsidiary One Galaxy Solution Inc. enjoyed a good start of business with their software download site called b-store.com (http://www.b-store.com), which opened on March 1.
    One Galaxy Solution, Mitsubishi’s wholly owned subsidiary, said that the site had sold more than 100 products in the initial three days of business.

    The b-store.com site sells software programs through downloads to users (except for several expensive programs). Its product line comprises 40 programs from 15 companies, targeting Web designers and Web administrators.

    The two programs that account for most of the online sales are the best-selling programs Eudora Pro and the anti-virus software McAfee VirusScan4.0J.

    This online business features backend customer support in addition to sales. One Galaxy Solution supports services related to software purchases including settlement of credit cards, issuance of serial numbers, and user registration.

    Such services enable small and midsize companies to conduct online sales, even if they lack sufficient resources to do such business by themselves.

    Mitsubishi will soon establish two sites related to b-store.com and will operate the three sites under a uniform image program together with One Galaxy Solution.

    One of the sites is b-factory.com (http://www.b-factory.com/uk/), which will provide information on the vendors of the software programs sold through the b-store.com site. Users will be able to obtain the information easily because each maker provides information in a uniform design using a template prepared by the site. In addition, a support forum will be opened to enable users to communicate smoothly with manufacturers.

    The other site is b-lane.com. It is a free online magazine designed for Web developers. Staff members for this site will be selected, and the site will carry translated articles from a U.S. site called webdeveloper.com in addition to articles on the Japanese market, including software reviews and other columns.

    The b-lane.com (http://www.b-lane.com/uk/) site will feature a section designed for users who shop or have shopped at the b-store.com to provide each of them with follow-up services, including upgrade information of the programs that the customer purchased.

    Mitsubishi is in charge of sales and marketing. It intends to develop the b-store.com as a popular name for online software sales.

    “We hope to make ‘b-something’ a leading brand in Internet shopping,” a Mitsubishi official said.

    (Nikkei Multimedia)

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