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  • Bank of China Develops Card to Resolve Y2K Problem
  • March 15, 1999 (BEIJING) — The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) Huizhou Branch and the Xiaocheng Industrial Co. said they have developed a card that offers a solution to the Y2K problem.
    The card resets a computer’s real time clock (RTC) to the correct date form.

    The PASS2000 card designed to remove the so-called millennium bug may turn out to be a convenient remedy.

    According to an official with the Conformance Test Center for Chinese Information Test Center, Chinese Information Technology Standards, the card can help computers progress to the year 2000 with valid date and recognize leap years.

    A user may simply plug the PASS2000 card in the industry standard architecture (ISA) expansion slots, without worrying about losses caused by the bug.

    The Chinese bank sector plans to spend RMB5 billion (US$602 million) to fix the Y2K problem, a bank official said.

    (Xinhua News Agency)

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