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  • HP Japan Announces Realignment Slated for Early 2000
  • March 16, 1999 (TOKYO) — Hewlett-Packard Japan Ltd. (HP Japan) announced that it would divide its two main business units in the first half of 2000.
    The announcement follows Palo Alto, Calif.-based Hewlett-Packard Co.’s strategy to separate its computing/imaging and measurement businesses, which was unveiled on March 2.

    HP Japan’s computing division will retain the name of Hewlett-Packard Japan, just as its U.S. parent company’s computing business unit will keep the well-known name. The measurement division will assume the name of the new measurement-device company, which will be decided in a few months. New presidents for each of the companies are not yet decided.

    “It is very difficult to divide a company in Japan,” said Masao Terasawa, president of HP Japan (photo).

    Therefore, a new company will be established to which trade rights and properties are to be transferred from the measurement part of HP Japan. As it will be some time before the new measurement company starts operating, “The new computer company may engage in measurement businesses for a while after the split, and then sell such businesses to the new company,” Terasawa said.

    As for the shares of HP Japan held by Yokogawa Electric Corp., Terasawa said, “HP Japan would like Yokogawa to retain a 25 percent stake in each divided company.”

    However, it is possible that Yokogawa, as a major measuring instrument manufacturer, will invest mainly in the new measurement-device company. In such a case, the remaining HP Japan may turn into a wholly owned subsidiary of HP.

    HP Japan was formerly known as Yokogawa Hewlett-Packard, because it was founded jointly by Yokogawa and HP.

    (BizTech News Dept.)

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