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  • DVD Businesses Take Off in Taiwan
  • December 11, 1998 (TAIPEI) — Ritek Inc. and Catalyst Logic Co., Ltd. obtained authorization from Orion Network Systems Inc., United Artists Theater Group and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. (MGM) for DVD production and distribution in Taiwan.
    This follows the success of InfoDisc Technology Co. Ltd. in obtaining authorization from Warner Advanced Multimedia Operations to produce DVD for Warner Brothers Records.

    That allows Ritek and Catalyst Logic to join CMC Magnetics Corp., Prodisc Technology Inc. and InfoDisc to compete for the distribution and production rights for the eight largest film makers in the United States.

    Ritek is already a major DVD-ROM disc producer for U.S. computer game company, NuTech.

    After joining hands with Catalyst Logic to obtain the production right from Orion, United Artists and MGM, the company is expected to boost its DVD output significantly in the future.

    Ritek’s production may even exceed the one to two million DVDs produced by InfoDisk for Warner Brothers. Catalyst Logic will serve as the distributor of the three U.S. filmmakers in Taiwan.

    DVD has not been able to make a hit on the Taiwan market due to a lack of sources and high prices.

    However, the alliance of the aforementioned DVD producers with U.S. filmmakers is stimulating ideas for the DVD rental business.

    Blockbuster, a leading U.S.-based video rental chain store, plans to launch DVD rental in Taiwan in January 1999.

    Blockbuster recently started renting video compact discs in 52 of its local outlets, and within just a few weeks, revenues from this business grew to account for 13 percent of the company’s total.

    Currently, Blockbuster is negotiating cooperation with Catalyst Logic, on the royalties for renting DVDs of films produced by MGM, United Artists and Orion.

    (Commercial Times, Taiwan)

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