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  • U.S. IDT to Place OEM Orders with Acer Semiconductor
  • October 5, 1998 (TAIPEI) — Integrated Device Technology Inc. (IDT), a U.S. semiconductor manufacturer, is discussing strategic alliances with Taiwan’s Acer Semiconductor Manufacturing Inc.
    IDT President Len Perham said that because of the high OEM charges of his company’s present partner, IBM Corp., IDT is very interested in cooperating with Acer Semiconductor on the manufacturing of processors.

    Perham indicated that IDT originally planned to have IBM product its processors using technology more advanced than 0.25 micrometer.

    However, IBM charges far more than Acer Semiconductor. Since Acer Semiconductor is transforming itself into a wafer foundry company with production technology transferred from IBM, IDT cannot think of a better choice for an OEM partner, Perham said.

    The increasing popularity of Acer’s XC — a low-cost computer used for exclusive functions — is expected to boost demand for the low-priced processor, a competitive product for IDT.

    The company has launched the WinChip2 processor, which is built on 0.25 micrometer processing technology, and it plans to place OEM orders with Acer Semiconductor to build processors using 0.18 micrometer copper chip technology.

    (Commercial Times, Taiwan)

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