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  • [Electronics Show ’98] Matsushita, Pioneer Exhibit DVD Players with Progressive Output
  • October 13, 1998 (TOKYO) — Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. and Pioneer Electronic Corp. exhibited new DVD players with progressive output at the Electronics Show ’98 exhibition held in Osaka Oct. 6 through Oct. 10.
    Pioneer displayed its DVL-H9, a DVD player (see photo) that can also replay laser discs and compact discs, using YCbCr output signals. Pioneer officials said the model will be the company’s main product for DVD players.

    Also, they said that Pioneer will commercialize the model only after methods are decided upon to prevent illegal copying of pictures of the progressive output by an industry organization such as the Copy Protection Technical Working Group (CPTWG).

    Matsushita showcased a prototype (see photo) with an integrated circuit to convert content at 24 frames per second to 60 frames per second. The model has a so-called 525P output terminal proposed by the Electronic Industries Association of Japan (EIAJ) for the output of analog YCbCr signals.

    “Many 525P terminal-equipped high-definition receivers and other models have been released, and our new DVD players are in line with such moves,” a Matsushita official said at the exhibition.

    The circuit used for its progressive output is sufficiently small to be incorporated into an MPEG2 decoder chip, the Matsushita official also said.

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