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  • China Expects to Sell 4.25 Million PCs in 1998
  • September 9, 1998 (BEIJING) — China’s personal computer sales will lead the global computer industry in 1998, according to a recent report.
    An estimated 4.25 million PCs will be sold this year in China, representing an annual growth of 40 percent over 1997, sources from the Ministry of Information Industry said.

    Sales are expected to top RMB160 billion (US$19.28 billion).

    A report from market research company Hui Cong predicted that China’s PC market will maintain growth of more than 40 percent in the next two years, bringing the total market to 8.3 million units by 2000.

    It added that China’s home PC market will also maintain its growing momentum.

    In 1998, 1.27 million home PCs are expected to be sold, compared with 540,000 last year.

    Beijing and Shanghai lead the country in home PC penetration, with 6 percent of households owning computers.

    The figure indicates huge potential for family PCs, given that the comparative figure in the United States exceeds 20 percent, experts said.

    The development of China’s software industry is also boosting the PC sector.

    China’s software market is expected to be worth more than RMB30 billion this year, acting as a major catalyst to PC sales.

    (Xinhua News Agency)

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