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(No.1 High-Tech News Site in Japanese)

1999_Mar-19: NEC to Start EC Deployment Service with BIGLOBE
1999_Mar-19: Japan’s 1999 PC Server Market to Grow 19 Pct.: IDC Japan
1999_Mar-19: Itochu Techno-Science Enters Linux Business
1999_Mar-19: Cyber Net to Sell Internet Terminal Aimed at Home Users
1999_Mar-19: Justsystem to Launch ATOK for Linux in July
1999_Mar-18: NTT DoCoMo, Sun to Make Mobile Phone with Java, Jini
1999_Mar-18: Fujitsu Wins U.S. Patent for IC BGA-Package Technology
1999_Mar-18: Japan’s Thin Client Shipments to Reach 40,000 in 1999: IDC Japan
1999_Mar-18: AT&T; Jens Cuts Price of 1.5Mbps Internet Connection
1999_Mar-18: Asian Firms to Help Make E-Commerce Infrastructure, Fujitsu Exec. Says
1999_Mar-18: CIAJ Proposes ISDN Technology for Low-Cost Internet Access
1999_Mar-17: Gov’t Urges Firms to Devise XML Data Broadcasting Format
1999_Mar-17: IDO, Cellular Group to Start cdmaOne Roaming in Korea, H.K.
1999_Mar-17: U.S. Court Rejects Sony Requests in Connectix Suit
1999_Mar-17: Fujisoft ABC to Offer Linux Software Service in April
1999_Mar-17: Japan’s PC Makers Expect Brisk Sales in 1999
1999_Mar-16: IDO to Start cdmaOne Mobile Telephone Service in April
1999_Mar-16: Merger of Hyundai, LG Semicon DRAM Businesses Stalled
1999_Mar-16: Construction Equipment Firm Holds Sales Via Online Auction
1999_Mar-16: IDO, Cellular Telephone Group to Offer WAP Services
1999_Mar-16: Hitachi to Sell Improved Reflective STN-LCD Panels
1999_Mar-16: Sharp to Start Info Service Business with Zaurus Devices
1999_Mar-16: HP Japan Announces Realignment Slated for Early 2000
1999_Mar-15: Japan’s PC Sales Decline in 3rd Week of February
1999_Mar-15: Otsuka Shokai to Start 24-Hour Remote Virus Service
1999_Mar-15: Japan’s TU-KA Cellular Group to Beef Up Voice Quality
1999_Mar-15: New iMode Service Promotes Electronic-Commerce in Japan
1999_Mar-15: NTT Releases Progress Status on Y2K Software Problem
1999_Mar-12: PC Sales in 2nd Week of Feb. Rise Nearly 90 Pct. from Year Earlier
1999_Mar-12: Nippon Chemi-Con, Mentor Graphics to Sell Encryption Technology
1999_Mar-12: Mitsubishi’s Software Site Opens for Business
1999_Mar-12: Sony’s Reorganization Plan Seen as Drastic
1999_Mar-12: Dai Nippon Printing, CyberCash Tie Up on Online Service
1999_Mar-12: Japan’s PC Shipments Show Zero Growth in 1998: IDC Japan
1999_Mar-11: Clarion to Market New Multimedia Car Audio Products
1999_Mar-11: ‘White Box’ Makers Start Shipping Pentium III PCs in Japan
1999_Mar-11: NEC, Others Develop Java-Based Terminals for Golfers
1999_Mar-11: HP Japan to Sell Printers Featuring Apple iMac Colors
1999_Mar-11: Matsushita to Introduce Low-Priced DVD-RAM Drives
1999_Mar-11: Braid Systems Director Discusses Sales of Workflow Management Tools
1999_Mar-10: Pacific HiTech Introduces TurboLinux Cluster Product
1999_Mar-10: Sony, Toshiba to Jointly Make Future PlayStation Chips
1999_Mar-10: National Police Agency, MPT Agree on Illegal Access Bill
1999_Mar-10: Casio Computer Unveils Low-Priced Mail-Only Terminal
1999_Mar-10: Asahi Arthur Andersen to Have 500 IT Consultants by 2001
1999_Mar-10: U.S. ITC Says Japan’s Supercomputer Makers Dumped Products
1999_Mar-09: Sharp Unveils New Windows CE Mobile Terminal in Japan
1999_Mar-09: Dell Japan Reduces Prices of Two New PC Models
1999_Mar-09: MPT Urges New Standards for Digital Cable TV Terminals
1999_Mar-09: Japan, U.S., European Firms Agree on Gateway Standards
1999_Mar-09: MCPC Releases Guidelines for Mobile System Design
1999_Mar-08: Prices for New Fujitsu PC Models Fall Substantially: Nikkei PC Survey
1999_Mar-08: Mitsubishi Sells VirusScan Anti-Virus Software on Internet
1999_Mar-08: Test Sales of Musical Content Via Satellite Set for Sept.
1999_Mar-08: Japan’s Common Carriers Accelerating Moves to Implement IMT-2000
1999_Mar-05: Use of Japanese Language URLs to Begin in 1999
1999_Mar-05: HP, Hitachi Software, Marubeni to Form SI Venture
1999_Mar-05: Softbank to Market Three ‘White Box’ PCs in Japan
1999_Mar-05: Telecom Ministry to Offer PC-to-Paper Mail Service
1999_Mar-05: Toshiba Launches 3 PC Models With Overseas Specs
1999_Mar-05: NTT’s Business Plan Projects Profit Surge in Data Services
1999_Mar-04: UUNET to Provide Internet Access in Japan
1999_Mar-04: Nifty Asks for Court Injunction Against Spam Mail Sender
1999_Mar-04: Gartner Japan Bolsters Research, Consulting Prior to IPO
1999_Mar-04: Sony Computer Executive Discusses New Entertainment Machines
1999_Mar-04: Next-Generation Sony PlayStation Slated for Winter 1999
1999_Mar-03: Matsushita to Start Recycling UPS Batteries
1999_Mar-03: IBM Japan, Nihon Sun, Others Form JavaPOS Study Group
1999_Mar-03: Mitsubishi Electric Shows HDTV Home Server
1999_Mar-03: U.S. Network Game Venture Sets Up Office in Japan
1999_Mar-03: Five Japanese PC Firms to Use AMD K6-III Microprocessor
1999_Mar-02: Telecom Carrier Crosswave to Install Ciena’s WDM Gear
1999_Mar-02: ISO14001 Specs Adopted by Financial, Education Sectors
1999_Mar-02: Canon Unveils Eyeglass Display with Upgraded Image Quality
1999_Mar-02: Sony’s Digital Music Buyers Reach 1,000 in First Week
1999_Mar-02: Matsushita Revises FY98 Business Outlook Downward
1999_Mar-01: Japan’s PC Sales Grow in 1st Week of Feb.
1999_Mar-01: Output of D-RDRAMs to Comprise 8.8 Pct. of DRAMs in 1999
1999_Mar-01: Japan’s ITS Market to Expand Greatly, MPT Council Says
1999_Mar-01: Japan to Refute U.S. Criticisms of ISDN Tariffs
1999_Mar-01: Restaurant Applies Linux to Extranet Linking 70 Outlets
1999_Mar-01: MITI to Set Industrial Standard for Privacy Protection
1999_Mar-01: New Non-PC Network Services Appear in Japan
1999_Mar-01: IBM Japan Releases PDA with Palm OS Japanese Version
1999_Feb-26: NEC, HP Debut Handheld PCs with New Japanese Windows CE
1999_Feb-26: Microsoft Japan to Split Development, Distribution Units
1999_Feb-26: Sharp to Market Three 20-inch TFT-LCD TVs
1999_Feb-26: Japanese Industries Must Tackle Y2K in Embedded Equipment
1999_Feb-26: JEIDA Sets Standards on Display, Info Appliance Interfaces
1999_Feb-26: U.S. Court Rejects NEC’s Appeal on Supercomputer Duties
1999_Feb-26: HDS Introduces Speedy IBM-Compatible Mainframe Computer
1999_Feb-25: TU-KA Cellular Tokyo to Offer Lightest Cellular Phone
1999_Feb-25: Fujitsu Launches WebTV Terminals, Corporate System Development
1999_Feb-25: Philips, Pioneer, Sony Start Licensing DVD Patents
1999_Feb-25: Sony Unveils Copyright, Audio Technologies for Memory Stick
1999_Feb-25: Yamaha Develops Pentium III-Powered SoftSynthesizer Module
1999_Feb-25: 3Com Seeks Top Share with Palm Series in Japan, VP Says
1999_Feb-25: Apple Computer to Offer BTO Options in Japan: Sr. VP
1999_Feb-25: Sun in Talks with Multiple Makers on Java, Jini: Sun Exec.
1999_Feb-24: IBM, Sony, Others Standardize Digital Watermark for Movies
1999_Feb-24: Dennotai to Offer Online Survey System for Mobile Phones
1999_Feb-24: Sharp to Market DVD Player with Theater-Like Sound
1999_Feb-24: [MACWORLD Expo/TOKYO] Peripherals Bloom in iMac Colors
1999_Feb-24: Joint Extranet Standards to be Implemented Mid-Year
1999_Feb-24: U.S. Optika Affiliate Expands Malaysian Local Ownership
1999_Feb-24: Japan’s Solution Providers Enhance Linux Support System
1999_Feb-24: NEC’s President Resigns; Business Outlook Revised Downward
1999_Feb-23: New cdmaOne Digital Mobile Phones to be Lighter in Weight
1999_Feb-23: Epson Unveils Dedicated Terminal for Web Browser
1999_Feb-23: [MACWORLD Expo/Tokyo] Show Popular Among Women
1999_Feb-23: [MACWORLD Expo/Tokyo] Alps, HP Japan Showcase Printers in Five Colors
1999_Feb-23: [MACWORLD Expo/Tokyo] Color Is Important Factor for Consumer Market: Apple VP
1999_Feb-23: Low-Priced PCs, Desktops with LCD a Hit: Nikkei PC Survey
1999_Feb-23: Digital Cameras with 2 Million Pixels Become Popular
1999_Feb-22: PC Prices in Japan Decline in January
1999_Feb-22: PC Sales in 4th Week of Jan. Rise Slightly in Japan
1999_Feb-22: Olympus Unveils 2.11-Million-Pixel Digital Camera
1999_Feb-22: Nihon Cisco Offers Free Software for Y2K Testing
1999_Feb-22: Nikon Debuts Two Digital Cameras With 2.11M Pixels
1999_Feb-22: [MACWORLD Expo/Tokyo] Shimamura Music Announces MIDI-on-iMac
1999_Feb-22: Japanese Ministry to Establish Promotion Body for Gigabit Network
1999_Feb-22: Sony, Toshiba Design Microchip for Home Game Machines
1999_Feb-22: Corporate Users Put Java Business Systems into Full Operation
1999_Feb-22: [MACWORLD Expo/Tokyo] Most Japanese iMac Buyers are New Mac Users, Jobs Says
1999_Feb-19: Seiko Epson Introduces Speedy Ink-Jet Printer in U.S., Europe
1999_Feb-19: Three Japanese Financial Institutes Become Mondex Franchisees
1999_Feb-19: Emulator Game Station Will Profit Sony: Connectix CEO
1999_Feb-19: Apple, Sony, Others Agree on Licensing for IEEE1394 Patents
1999_Feb-19: TDK Introduces CompactFlash-Type 56Kbps Modem
1999_Feb-19: NEC FPGA Chips Aimed at Data Communications, Multimedia
1999_Feb-19: Fujitsu Unveils Storplex Concept for Storage Products
1999_Feb-18: Regional Carriers to Build Next-Generation IP Networks
1999_Feb-18: IBM Japan’s Voice Recognition Enlivens Animated Characters
1999_Feb-18: Vertex Link Releases PCs with Linux Operating System
1999_Feb-18: Ricoh to Sell High-End Digital Camera with USB Port
1999_Feb-18: Olympus Releases 32MB SmartMedia for Digital Cameras
1999_Feb-18: Microsoft Says UPnP and HAVi Can Coexist
1999_Feb-18: Matsushita to Sell Small, Lightweight Portable DVD Player
1999_Feb-18: Uniform iMac Sales Method Prevails at Stores: Apple Japan Director
1999_Feb-17: Softbank Accelerates Internet-Related Investments
1999_Feb-17: Fujitsu to Transfer DRAM Technology to Acer Semi
1999_Feb-17: WebTV to Distribute Free CD-ROM for Dreamcast Net Service
1999_Feb-17: Fujitsu Ten, Furukawa Make Radar for Smart Transport
1999_Feb-17: NEC Unit Sells Software for Industrial Waste Management
1999_Feb-17: User of Windows NT Service Pack Experiences Problems
1999_Feb-17: Sanyo to Sell Digital Camera with Motion Picture Features
1999_Feb-17: Japanese PC Distributors to Auction PCs via Internet
1999_Feb-17: NEC, IBM PCs in Short Supply at PC Shops: Nikkei PC Survey
1999_Feb-17: Sony to Market Digital Camcorder with Memory Stick Slot
1999_Feb-16: PC Sales in Japan Fall 25 Pct. in 3rd Week of Jan.
1999_Feb-16: Most Japanese Businesses Equipped with LANs: Nikkei Market Access
1999_Feb-16: Orico Opts to Use SET Protocol for Internet Auctions
1999_Feb-16: Lotus Development Japan Names Yasuda President
1999_Feb-16: Dell Japan Starts Lease Service to Lure Customers
1999_Feb-16: Sony Computer Science Labs Flexes R&D; Might
1999_Feb-16: Pacific HiTech to Launch Linux Server Product for Businesses
1999_Feb-12: Excite Japan to Start New Internet Ad Service
1999_Feb-12: Matsushita, Sony to Produce Lithium-Polymer Batteries
1999_Feb-12: Selete’s 300-mm Wafer Technology Behind Schedule
1999_Feb-12: Japan’s Computer Virus Damage in Jan. Drops 14 Pct.
1999_Feb-12: NEC to Foray into Low-Priced PC Market
1999_Feb-11: Internet Charges in Japan May Not Decline Further
1999_Feb-11: Iwasaki, Lucent Exhibit Web-Enabled Call Center Systems
1999_Feb-11: Bandai to Launch Network Game Service on Mobile Phones
1999_Feb-11: Korea’s LG Semicon Re-Starts DRAM Plant Operation
1999_Feb-11: Excite Japan GM Talks Strategy in Fierce Portal Mart
1999_Feb-11: Japan’s PC Shipments in Oct.-Dec. Rise 16 Pct., JEIDA Says
1999_Feb-10: Fuji Photo Film to Sell 2.3-Million-Pixel Digital Camera
1999_Feb-10: Toshiba Introduces JavaCard 2.0-Compliant Smart Card
1999_Feb-10: Matsushita Electric Developing GaN-based Violet Laser
1999_Feb-10: Kenwood to Launch Sales of 52x CD-ROM Drive
1999_Feb-10: Kodak, Sanyo Tie Up on Organic Electroluminescent Display
1999_Feb-10: Apple Japan to Continue Selling First-Generation iMac PC
1999_Feb-10: 3Com Develops Palm OS Japanese Version
1999_Feb-09: Japan’s 1998 PC Shipments Fall 0.9 Pct., Dataquest Says
1999_Feb-09: Gateway Japan Introduces All-in-one PC with K6-2 Chip
1999_Feb-09: [NET & COM ’99] Fujitsu’s CRM Services Used in Major Banks
1999_Feb-09: [NET & COM ’99] ISA Launches UPS Remote Monitoring Tool
1999_Feb-09: [NET & COM ’99] RIOS Displays Java-Based GIS System
1999_Feb-09: [NET & COM ’99] Telephones with VoIP Features Showcased at Expo
1999_Feb-09: J-COM Launches Motorola-Made, Palm-Sized Wireless Terminal
1999_Feb-08: Most PDAs, Other Mobile Terminals Only for Private Use
1999_Feb-08: Japan’s Desktop PC Sales Decline in 2nd Week of January
1999_Feb-08: Bulletin Board/Chat Services Top List of Web Page Access Times
1999_Feb-08: Artists Set Up Digital Media Copyright Protection Group
1999_Feb-08: AOL Japan to Distribute CD-ROMs at Movie Theaters
1999_Feb-08: [NET & COM ’99] Internet-Pro Displays All-In-One Linux Server
1999_Feb-08: Rewritable DVDs Enter 4.7GB Era With Major Compatibility Issues
1999_Feb-08: [NET & COM ’99] NTT Aims to be Fourth-Generation Carrier, VP Says
1999_Feb-05: Sega Sets High Sales Goals for Dreamcast Game Machine
1999_Feb-05: NTT Data to Test Community E-Commerce System in July
1999_Feb-05: NTT DoCoMo, Puma Agree to Collaborate on Software
1999_Feb-05: [NET & COM ’99] Sony Unveils Card-Type Fingerprint ID Unit
1999_Feb-05: Sony Notebook PC Selling at Low Price: Nikkei PC Survey
1999_Feb-05: [NET & COM ’99] Takaoka Exhibits Japan’s First WBT Terminal
1999_Feb-05: [NET & COM ’99] Toshiba Shows Data Communications Card for cdmaOne
1999_Feb-05: [NET & COM ’99] ADSL Featured in Fast Internet Access Demo
1999_Feb-04: Japan Storage Battery to Make Lithium-ion Batteries for Cars
1999_Feb-04: Toshiba, NEC Start Using AMD’s K6-2 Microprocessor
1999_Feb-04: XML May be Standard Satellite Data Broadcasting Format
1999_Feb-04: Inprise Japan Introduces Japanese RDBMS for Linux
1999_Feb-04: Microsoft, Others Aim for Windows CE POS Terminals Guide
1999_Feb-04: Apple iMac PC Colors Vary Greatly in Popularity
1999_Feb-04: Secom Offers Cyberspace Security Services, Founder Says
1999_Feb-04: Fujitsu Unveils Mainframe to Counter IBM’s S/390 G5
1999_Feb-03: LG Semicon DRAM Plant May Resume Operations Feb. 6
1999_Feb-03: Gateway 2000 Japan to Enhance Web Info Service for PC Buyers
1999_Feb-03: Tokyo Hotel to Offer Full-Time Internet Access
1999_Feb-03: I-O Data Device, TI Unit Develop Enhanced Memory Module
1999_Feb-03: Sony Unveils Digital Camera with 2.1 Million Pixel CCD
1999_Feb-03: Melco Ignites Price Explosion in Wireless LAN Market
1999_Feb-03: Hitachi to Start Mass Producing Plasma Display Panels
1999_Feb-03: Sony Files Suit Against U.S. Software Developer
1999_Feb-02: Compaq Debuts High-End Notebook PC for Japanese Market
1999_Feb-02: Sony to Sell Notebooks Capable of Editing Motion Pictures
1999_Feb-02: Nihon Unisys to Verify Computer Systems to Solve Y2K Issue
1999_Feb-02: Fuji Xerox to Recycle Most Used Copier Machines
1999_Feb-02: Fujitsu to Launch Palm-Sized Mobile Printers
1999_Feb-02: IBM Japan to Transfer Some Sales of S/390 to Partners
1999_Feb-02: NEC, Hitachi, Fujitsu Unveil New Xeon Servers
1999_Feb-02: Nikon, IBM to Co-Develop Equipment for 0.1-Micron Chip
1999_Feb-01: PC Sales in 1st Week of Jan. Rise Sharply from Year Earlier
1999_Feb-01: Growth Slackens in Japan’s PC Server Market
1999_Feb-01: NTT Draws 112,000 Global Bird Watchers to Internet Event
1999_Feb-01: Oki Electric, BEA Japan to Enhance Collaboration
1999_Feb-01: Softbank, Others Start Web Movie Distribution Company
1999_Feb-01: Telecom Firm Owned by IIJ, Toyota, Sony to Offer High-Speed Services
1999_Feb-01: Linux Products Roll Out for Japanese Corporate Users
1999_Jan-29: Tokyo Digital Phone to Participate in WAP Forum
1999_Jan-29: Hitachi, Nihon Unisys to Collaborate on EC Software Sales
1999_Jan-29: New iMac Model Sells Well in Japan, But Retailers Complain
1999_Jan-29: U.S. PC Makers Show Interest in NEC’s High-Speed DRAMs
1999_Jan-29: Matsushita to Supply Network Computers to 4,000 Employees
1999_Jan-29: Japan’s KDD to Construct IP-Based Backbone Network
1999_Jan-29: Japanese Groups Work Out Y2K Plan for Embedded Systems
1999_Jan-28: Ministry Orders NTT DoCoMo to Alter Telecom Charges
1999_Jan-28: Toshiba, Hitachi, Others to Test Home Network Standard
1999_Jan-28: Secom to Enter Computer Network Security Service Market
1999_Jan-28: Japan Electric Makers Shocked by Apple’s IEEE1394 Royalty Hike
1999_Jan-28: New OS to Highlight Sony’s Software Assets: Sony Engineers
1999_Jan-28: Japan Association Issues Guideline for Virtual Shops
1999_Jan-27: Japan Industry Group Announces Digital Camera File Rule
1999_Jan-27: HP Japan to Provide Insights on Business Innovation
1999_Jan-27: Japan’s IT Service Industry to Pick Up Toward March; Nikkei Watcher Survey
1999_Jan-27: Sony Affiliate Trains Staff Using PC Games
1999_Jan-27: IIJ Enters U.S. West Coast Internet Service Business
1999_Jan-27: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Text Services for Mobile Phones
1999_Jan-27: NTT to Introduce Smart Card-Based Public Phones in March
1999_Jan-26: NTT DoCoMo Makes Public IMT-2000 Procurement Specifications
1999_Jan-26: Mobile Phone-to-PC Connectivity Standards Proposed by MCPC
1999_Jan-26: NEC to Feature Ecology Symbol Marks for PC Products
1999_Jan-26: AOL Japan’s Membership Tops 200,000
1999_Jan-26: Sony Debuts Note PCs with Enhanced IEEE1394 Functions
1999_Jan-26: Fujitsu Personal, Sony Release 1.3GB MO Products
1999_Jan-25: Japan’s Personal Computer Sales Surge at Year-End
1999_Jan-25: December ’98 Retail PC Prices in Japan Rise
1999_Jan-25: Wireless 1394 Working Groups Established in Tokyo
1999_Jan-25: Oracle Japan Moves Forward Shipment Date of Linux Oracle8
1999_Jan-25: Prices of Older PC Models Declining, Nikkei PC Survey Says
1999_Jan-25: Doubts Remain About NTT’s ADSL Service
1999_Jan-25: Personal Computer Pricing Battle Intensifies in Japan
1999_Jan-22: Oracle Japan to Register for Over-the-Counter Market
1999_Jan-22: Nihon Sun Micro Sets Java2 Features with Five IT Firms
1999_Jan-22: Victor Japan Camcorder Records Still Pictures on Memory Card
1999_Jan-22: Apple Computer’s Original iMac PC to be Sold Out
1999_Jan-22: Global One Targets Japan’s Telecommunications Market
1999_Jan-22: NTT Sat Com to Launch Speedy Internet Access Service
1999_Jan-21: Nissan to Adopt GIS for Building Sales Support System
1999_Jan-21: Sony Marketing Support System to Use Java, Web Technology
1999_Jan-21: Japan’s TTNet to Start Int’l Calling Services in July
1999_Jan-21: Sony Unveils Mini-Disc with Recording Time of 80 Minutes
1999_Jan-21: Intel KK Looks to Serve Growing LCD PC Market, Pres. Says
1999_Jan-21: Fujitsu to Use Copper-Wired Microchips for Future Mainframes
1999_Jan-20: Sales of Ink-Jet Printers in Japan Hit Record High at Year-End
1999_Jan-20: Melco to Introduce Low-Priced TFT-LCD Monitor
1999_Jan-20: Sharp to Introduce Large Rear-Projection TV in Mid 1999
1999_Jan-20: Mitsubishi to Replace 10,000 PCs with New NT Machines
1999_Jan-20: Nichia Chemical Violet Laser Boosts DVD Storage Capacity
1999_Jan-20: Mac PC Sales in Japan Reach 13 Pct. of Global Total
1999_Jan-19: CRT Share of Electronic Display Market to Fall, IDC Says
1999_Jan-19: Mitsubishi, Others Work on Foreign Trade Guidelines
1999_Jan-19: Previous iMac Model to Disappear from PC Shops in Japan
1999_Jan-19: Y2K Problem Found in IBM Japan’s Application Package
1999_Jan-19: Budget for FY99 Cyber Police Work Rises Sharply
1999_Jan-19: Japan Telecom to Cut Overseas Telephone Charges Again
1999_Jan-19: Nihon Silicon Graphics to Start Direct Sales to Clients
1999_Jan-18: Japan’s PC Sales in 3rd Week of Dec. Level Off
1999_Jan-18: TU-KA Group Employs WAP Protocol for Mobile Phone Service
1999_Jan-18: Online Shopper Numbers Stall in Japan: Nikkei Multimedia Survey
1999_Jan-18: Mobile Gear Focuses on Communications More Than Multifunctions
1999_Jan-18: DDI to Test IP-Based Networking Infrastructure
1999_Jan-15: Fujitsu Laboratories Develops Small, Portable Scanner
1999_Jan-15: Computer Virus Damage Drops 15 Pct. in Japan in 1998
1999_Jan-15: Clarion to Adopt IBM’s Microdrive for AutoPC
1999_Jan-15: NTT Sets Up Venture Specializing in Network Games
1999_Jan-15: Koei to Sell PC Game Software Titles in China
1999_Jan-14: Fujitsu Denies Report on Ending DRAM Chip Production
1999_Jan-14: Dell Japan Opens DellPlus Help Desk for Corporate Users
1999_Jan-14: Nintendo Expects Brisk Sales of Game Boy Color in First Quarter
1999_Jan-14: Informix’s Japan Unit Takes Over Red Brick Systems
1999_Jan-14: Panasonic Computer Co. Aims to Earn 100B Yen in 2000: President
1999_Jan-14: Toshiba Releases Notebook PC with 300MHz Mobile Pentium
1999_Jan-13: Toshiba to Make 128Mb DRAM with Smallest Chip Size
1999_Jan-13: Compaq Japan Reorganizes Sales Operation
1999_Jan-13: Japanese Consumer Financing Firm to Raise Funds Abroad
1999_Jan-13: NEC Debuts PC Server Series Using Xeon Processors
1999_Jan-13: About 40 Pct. of New Internet Users in Japan Are Women: Nikkei
1999_Jan-13: Sony to Market Digital Camcorders Using 8mm Tapes
1999_Jan-13: Casio Computer Develops GPS Navigation Wristwatch
1999_Jan-12: Mitsubishi Electric to Halt Output of Color PDPs
1999_Jan-12: Compaq Japan to Sell PC Servers Directly to Customers
1999_Jan-12: JEIDA Chairman Welcomes Temporary PC Tax Cut in Japan
1999_Jan-12: AT&T; Jens Lowers Leased Line Rates to Compete with NTT
1999_Jan-12: Nihon Silicon Graphics Effects Major Structural Reform
1999_Jan-12: SoftAgency Offers Support For MySQL Database Product
1999_Jan-12: NEC Unit Begins SI Business for Distributors in U.S.
1999_Jan-12: Hyundai, LG DRAM Merger Contract to be Concluded in January
1999_Jan-11: Japan’s PC Sales in Second Week of Dec. Expand Sharply
1999_Jan-11: Hitachi Plant to Bolster Clean Room Renovation Business
1999_Jan-11: CATV Operator to Offer Cable Internet Access Via HomeRun
1999_Jan-11: Toyota, Mitsubishi Plan to Market Hybrid Car Model
1999_Jan-11: New iMac Version to Sell for 158,000 Yen in Late January
1999_Jan-11: Dell Ranks Top in PC Servers in Survey on Corporate User Satisfaction
1999_Jan-08: WinStar, KDD Set Up Venture for Wireless Access Service
1999_Jan-08: Japanese Enterprises Use Internet for Information Interchange
1999_Jan-08: Melco Releases Wide-Angle, 15-In. TFT-LCD Monitor
1999_Jan-08: Debit Cards Start Circulating in Japan
1999_Jan-08: [Industry Forecast ’99] NEC Seeks to Boost Sales by 8 Pct. in 1999: Exec. Vice Pres.
1999_Jan-08: [Industry Forecast ’99] Demand for High-End Servers to Grow: Nihon Sun VP
1999_Jan-07: Japan Network Project Aims at Terabit Speeds
1999_Jan-07: Symantec Braces for Shipments of 50,000 Fax Programs
1999_Jan-07: Hyundai, LG Semicon Close to Agreement on Consolidation
1999_Jan-07: Fuji Bank, 3 Others to Run EC Test with GlobeSet’s Solutions
1999_Jan-07: Sega to Grab 50 Percent of Video Game Market: President
1999_Jan-07: [Industry Forecast ’99] Compaq Computer Japan Seeks Double-Digit Profit Growth, Pres. Says
1999_Jan-06: Sanwa Bank Picks Hitachi CORBA Products for Branch System
1999_Jan-06: EIAJ Expects 1999 Electronics Output to Rise 2 Percent
1999_Jan-06: Micron Electronics to Scale Down Japanese Unit
1999_Jan-06: Gov’t Agency to Support Small Firms on Y2K Problem
1999_Jan-06: Compaq Japan to Speed Supply Chain Mgt. System Implementation
1999_Jan-06: [Industry Forecast ’99] HP Japan Stresses Customer-First Policy, Pres. Says
1999_Jan-05: Japan’s PC Sales Reach Record High in 1st Week of Dec.
1999_Jan-05: Most Japanese Internet Users Only Glance at Web Pages
1999_Jan-05: IBM Japan to Set Up Japan’s Largest CRM Unit
1999_Jan-05: Older PC Users in Japan Accept Fee-Based Suppport
1999_Jan-05: NTT Data Sells Low-Priced ERP Product to Overseas Japanese
1999_Jan-05: Nippon Research Center Offers Web Audience Survey Data
1999_Jan-05: [Industry Forecast ’99] Japanese Firms to Boost Investment in Information Systems, IBM Japan Pres. Says
1999_Jan-05: [Industry Forecast ’99] Fujitsu Striving to Boost Sales, Company Pres. Says

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