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2004_Apr-5: NTT DoCoMo’s 3G FOMA Subscribers Top 3 Million
2004_Apr-5: Japan, China, Korea to Jointly Develop 4G Cell Phone Technology
2004_Apr-3: ANALYSIS: PHS’ Survival Hinges on Data Communications Services
2004_Apr-1: NTT DoCoMo Develops FOMA-Compatible Controller for Home Appliances
2004_Apr-1: Korean Cell Phone Operators Seek to Expand Influence in Overseas Markets
2004_Apr-1: ON Semiconductor Joins Mobile Industry Processor Interface Alliance
2004_Mar-31: US SolarFlare to Debut Transceiver Capable of 10Gbps Ethernet Operation on Existing Cat5e Cable
2004_Mar-30: Cisco to Debut Enhanced IP Telephony Server with SIP Compatibility, Improved Security
2004_Mar-30: Internet Traffic to Reach 15 Tbytes a Second by 2008, Says Probe
2004_Mar-29: Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric May Collaborate on FOMA Handset Development
2004_Mar-29: Vodafone KK, Citrix Systems, Others to Establish Mobile Business Association
2004_Mar-29: KT to Initiate Wireless Internet Roaming Service in Japan
2004_Mar-28: Terrestrial Digital Broadcast Coverage to Soar for Tokyo Area
2004_Mar-26: SK Telecom Sets Up Strategic Alliance with Verizon on Wireless Service
2004_Mar-26: Samsung Sets Up Alliance with Germany’s T-Com
2004_Mar-25: ANALYSIS: DoCoMo to Offer Flat Rate Service in June ’04
2004_Mar-24: Qualcomm, ATI Join Forces to Create Wireless 3D Gaming Platform
2004_Mar-24: RFMD Announces CDMA PA Shipments to Korean CDMA Handsets OEM
2004_Mar-24: ANALYSIS: NHK, Others to Air Digital Programs via Cell Phones from FY05
2004_Mar-24: Samsung Electronics Showcases Innovative Products at CTIA
2004_Mar-23: Nokia to Introduce Mega-Pixel Camera Phone with ‘Lifeblog’ Function
2004_Mar-23: CeBIT2004: ‘Convergence by Broadband’ is the Key Word
2004_Mar-23: Nokia, Philips, Sony Establish NFC Forum for Touch-Based Interactions
2004_Mar-23: Infineon’s Processor Enables Convergence to All-IP DSL Networks
2004_Mar-22: Softbank Bets Heavily on Japan’s 8-Trillion-Yen Mobile Phone Market
2004_Mar-19: Alps Produces More Than 500,000 Units of Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Tuners
2004_Mar-19: Vodafone KK’s ‘Sha-mail’ Video Mail Receives Support for MMS Handsets in HK, Spain
2004_Mar-18: NTT Communications Demonstrates ‘m2m-x,’ Device-to-Device Connection System Using Internet
2004_Mar-18: NTT DoCoMo, Far EasTone Tie Up for 3G W-CDMA Service Launch in Taiwan
2004_Mar-18: NEC, Marsushita to Double Cell Phone Shipments to China
2004_Mar-17: Matsushita to Hire More Chinese than Japanese
2004_Mar-16: Mobile Broadcasting Launches Satellite
2004_Mar-16: Philips’ Satellite Tuner Chips Enable Simple Implementation of Digital Satellite Reception
2004_Mar-16: SK Telecom Launches Mobile Television Satellite
2004_Mar-15: Japan’s Mobile Phone Shipments in January Fall Below 3 Mln Units for First Time in 23 Months
2004_Mar-14: Vodafone to Allow Photo Message Exchanges with Overseas Users
2004_Mar-12: NTT DoCoMo, SingTel to Start International Roaming Test for Wireless LANs
2004_Mar-12: LG Electronics, Intel Seal Alliance in Home Network Biz
2004_Mar-11: Japan Telecom to Emerge as ‘Networking Partner’ from a Telecom Carrier: New President
2004_Mar-10: CELL PHONES: ADSL Operators Seek to Break into 3G Service
2004_Mar-10: Agilent’s Pluggable Transceiver Delivers Gigabit Ethernet over Copper Cable
2004_Mar-9: Toppan, Matsushita Introduce RFID Tag Reading System with Rewritable Paper
2004_Mar-9: KDDI, Others to Develop Innovative Digital Radio Receiver Attachable to PDA
2004_Mar-8: NTT DoCoMo, NEC, Fujitsu Jointly Develop Technology for 4G System to Raise Throughput to 1Gbps
2004_Mar-7: KDDI Leads Net Increase in Cell-Phone Subscribers in Feb


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