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Acay Network Computing
Acay Network Computing provides, enhances, and extends access to the enterprise information network and to the Internet. It provides networking hardware and software connectivity products. Acay also provides links to other sites.

Access One
Access One is one of the largest private Internet service providers in Australia. Access One offers variety of services to its clients. It provides high speed Internet access, virtual private networks, Web software development, Web hosting service, Internet dial-up services, and Internet consulting.

Adilam Electronics
Adilam Electronics specializes and distributes electrical components. Some of the brands Adilam Electronics carries are Mitsubishi Semiconductors, PAPST, Wima, Harting, Weco, and Nippon Chemi-Con.

AES Hartland Cables
AES Hartland Cables supplies its customers with computer components. It also carries electronic components for the telecommunications and broadcasting field.

Affordable PC Pty. Ltd.
Affordable PC offers a wide range of high quality products in the personal computer and electronic equipment field.

AIMS is an information technology provider. It provides services to state, national, and international customers.

AirBorn Electronics
AirBorn Electronics provides detailed information on electronic circuitry. The information is important to inventors, designers, and electronic engineers.

Alfa Computers
Alfa Computers manufactures and distributes computers and related components.

Alta Computer Systems
Alta Systems is a software company that specializes in the PC and mini-computer fields. Alta Systems offers services in areas such as: Web designing, Java and JavaScript Development, Microsoft-Access, SQL Server and Visual Basic Systems, and more.

Altarama Systems
Altarama Systems Pty Ltd is an information management system for libraries and other information organizations.

Altronics supplies and distributes electronic components and goods internationally.

Ameya Computers Pty. Ltd.
Ameya Computers Pty. Ltd is a consulting company that provides offshore development, hardware and software reselling, and Internet services.

Ampec Technologies Pty Ltd
Ampec Technologies Pty Ltd. manufactures and distributes electronic components for the following areas: telecommunications, defense, aerospace, and the commercial and industrial field.

Andviv is a consulting company. It provides computer solutions in communication area.

Apple Computer Australia
Apple Computer manufactures and distributes Apple computer hardware and software.

Arena Logistics
Arena Logistics is an internetworking company. It provides training and services to clients that want to implement TCP/IP on a corporate network.

ASH Electronics
Ash Electronics offers electronic components in large volumes, and precision grade components.

ASH Software
ASH Software provides software, hardware, and networking products. It carries products such as Compucon Notebooks, Hard Drives and Mass Storage, High Performance Graphics Cards and Multimedia, and Network products.

Australia On Line
Australia On Line offers services in information technology consulting, Web content development, and Internet dial-up connections. Australia On Line also offers links to many other sites, ranging from hi-tech to hobbies and recreation.

Australian Prepress Supply
Australian Prepress Supply supplies and specializes in large format printers, accessories, and CD-ROM stock photography.

BabelSoft consulting services builds support for small business and home offices. The company provides solutions to computer system problems.

Byte Centre Cairns
Byte Centre Cairns is a computer reseller. The company supplies and supports computer systems and software for Internet publishing, multimedia authoring, DTP, cross platform networking, education and home/small business users.

Cabel Labels
Cabel Labels manufactures cable products that support the broadcast television industry. It also keeps track of cables used for data and voice communications, computer networks, control systems, power, security, and more.

Charbley Computers
Charbley Computers provides computer components with the price listings to upgrade personal computers.

Clipsal supplies electrical accessories. It supplies more than 1400 different products of electrical accessories.

Comcorp manufactures and designs communication equipment.

Communica Systems
Communica Systems specializes in UNIX. It provides consulting services, products and training courses, and open systems products.

Communicat provides computer systems. The company has a wide range of computer hardware and software. Communicat is a one stop shop, covering accounting, networking, the Internet, databases, and more.

Computer Intelligence Pty. Ltd.
Computer Intelligence provides cost-effective systems to major private and government enterprises. The company offers services in programming, data analysis, database design, project management, consulting, and more.

Computer Power Group
Computer Power Group is the largest information technology service in Australia. It provides services in the areas of consulting, system integration, design, development and implementation, and project estimation.

Computer Results Team Pty Ltd
Computer Results Team Pty Ltd provides services for IBM users of mid-range computers. CRT provides support to AS/400 sites. It offers support in client/server and networking.

Computer Trader
Computer Trader is a publication that advertises new and used computer products, software reviews, user groups, and more.

Computerman supplies computer systems and components. Some of its products are memory, modems, printers, monitors, and hard drives.

Computernet International Pty. Ltd.
Computernet International Pty. Ltd carries a wide variety of computer-related equipment. Some of the products it carries include business software, educational software, games and entertainment software, modems, scanners, printers, computer systems, and more.

Creative Machines
Creative Machines specializes in graphics, animation, video and printing.

DARX Consulting
DARX Consulting provides services for small and large corporate or home offices. It offers system analysis, design, software development, system integration, user training, system troubleshooting, and Web page design.

ECE Logistics Pty Ltd.
ECE Logistics Pty Ltd.’s main business is logistics management of procurement and manufacturing process. ECE also export high tech electronic systems, assembling and packaging electronic components.

EMC Technologies
EMC Technologies is the largest test house in Australia for international hi-tech products and equipment. EMC Technologies offers services to meet Australian and international regulations.

Expert Software Services
Expert Software Services provides a wide range of business software solutions to medium- and large-sized organizations. The professional software services Expert provides include consulting, systems development (MVS, AS/400, UNIX, Windows, and more.), enterprise client/server systems (Oracle, Microsoft), workgroup and Internet/intranet solutions (Microsoft), Database Management (IMS, DB2, Adabas, Oracle, SQL Server, and more), and outsourcing.

FORGE Information Technology
FORGE Information Technology is a software consultancy company. It provides software development, consultancy, and WWW and technical authoring.

Fredon manufactures computer-cabling products and it is also electrical contractors. Fredon’s products support mostly in networking and communication infrastructures.

Gebesse Computer Consultants
Gebesse Computer Consultants provides services to small and medium-sized businesses. Gebesse provides computer hardware and software products that match with its customer’s needs. Bebesse also provides Internet services.

GEC Electronics
GEC Electronics distributes electronic components, material, equipment, software, and related products and services.

Hypertec designs and manufactures technology products and distributes them internationally. Some of Hypertec’s products are HyperRing Token-Ring, HyperNet Ethernet network, memory modules, personal computers, and more.

JED Microprocessors Pty. Ltd.
JED designs and manufactures small industrial and scientific computers and analog and digital PCs.

LANSA provides products that support the AS/400 sites. The LANSA family of products includes LANSA for the AS/400, LANSA for Windows, LANSA Open, and more.

Management Information Principles
Management Information Principles offers services in data warehousing, executive information support, data mining, management information systems, and report generation.

MCM specializes in memory upgrades. The company supplies memory products for PCs, servers, workstations, minicomputers, digital cameras, notebooks and printers.

Megatron is a computer support and repair business. The company is equipped with the latest technologies and experienced staff to help its customers.

Mitsui Computer
Mitsui Computer is one of the largest importers and distributors of computer products for Mac and SUN systems.

Netro provides high level Internet and networking solutions for its clients. It also provides infrastructure using the latest communications technology, Internet connectivity, and consulting.

NG Technology Pty Ltd.
NG Technology Pty Ltd. manufactures connector products such as patch panels, information outlets, Ethernet LAN products, transceivers, fiber LAN products, and more.

Oakton Computing Pty. Ltd.
Oakton provides a wide range of services in information technology and strategy formulation. The company offers general consulting, application development, database administration services, and Microsoft products.

Odyssey World
Odyssey World provides a complete set of Internet facilities. Odyssey offers fast access to a wide range of resources including file libraries, World Wide Web pages, databases, and video conferencing.

Open System Consultants
OSC offers products such as DTS Defect Tracking System to support and monitor Web sites. The company also offers other products to improve and keep track of traffic on Web sites. Other services are Web server design and installation, C++, and UNIX.

Orion Solutions
Orion Solutions provides services that will help clients to choose the right computer hardware and software package.

Pacific Data Systems Pty Ltd
Pacific Data Systems specializes in industrial and military computing, systems integration, network engineering, telecommunications, data logging, telemetry, scientific instrumentation and environmental monitoring.

PDI Consultancy
PDI Consultancy designs software solution that fit with its clients’ needs. It also provides support services. PDI specializes in application design in Microsoft Access, Excel, Visual Basic, and Word.

Pipeline offers services in both computers and the Internet. Pipeline carries computers and Internet products. It also has support staff, news and online price lists, and online gaming.

Precision Systems
Precision Systems offers computer hardware, software, and network products with price listings.

Professional PC Support
Professional PC Support provides “total computer solution.” The company carries computers with brand names such as Toshiba, Acer, Comdek, HP, Epson, NEC, and others.

Qtech Business Systems Pty Ltd
Qtech supports users of IBM mid-range computers. The company tailors its products to customer needs.

Quasar Professionals
Quasar Professionals specializes in information technology and telecommunications recruitment consultancy.

Redflex Limited
Redflex Ltd provides touch-screen products, systems engineering, digital voice communication systems, and digital imaging solutions.

RFI Industries
RFI Industries provides services in radio frequency shielding. The company designs, fabricates, installs, and tests all types of radio frequencies.

SCSI Integration
SCSI Integration provides CD-ROM, optical, archival and imaging solutions. The company’s products include online storage, nearline storage, CD-recording, imaging, archiving, and connectivity.

SCSM offers computer hardware and software products, Web development, networking, and support for computer related field.

Servex is an international computer distributor. The company distributes computers for Acer, AOpen, and Servex. Servex’ product lines are CD-ROM, cases, motherboards, add-on-cards, fax/modems, scanners, keyboards, networking equipment, and monitors.

SoftGen distributes computer software throughout the Australia and Pacific region.

South Australia Central
South Australia Central offers information on government, tourism and travel, news, science and technology, and currencies.

SpinFX Software
SpinFX Software provides computer software and hardware products, Web page construction, architectural illustrations, and desktop publishing.

Stancom Computing
Stacom Computing carries a wide variety of computers and computer-related equipment with top brand names.

Step-by-Step carries computer training manuals for major Windows and DOS programs: Window 95, Word 7.0, Excel 7.0, Word 6.0, and many more.

Techmore Pty. Ltd.
Techmore is leading computer rental company. It provides many different brands of computer hardware products. The company has an experienced, multiskilled staff that can provide technical support.

The Computer Book Company
The Computer Book Company supplies a wide range of computing titles by mail order. The company’s major clients include major banks, educational institutions, government departments, corporations, and individual users.

The Missing Link
The Missing Link provides full service and consultancy in computing, business networking and training, and Web site design and administration. It also offers great prices on computer systems and peripherals.

Total Turnkey Solutions
Total Turnkey Solutions provides scientific/engineering machine vision and digital signal processing equipment and systems to government agencies, multinational corporations, and research and development groups. Some of the products are data acquisition boards and software, scientific imaging and machine visions systems, video CCD cameras and lenses, and others.

Trident provides services in business analysis, design of applications, and computer networks, and operating systems.

Uniq Professional Services
Uniq Professional Services offers clients from basic systems administration to more advanced services. Uniq Professional Services provides training on systems administration, advanced systems administration, business continuity solutions, network consulting, intranet/Internet consulting, and more.

Zeus Technology Pty Ltd
Zeus Technology delivers brand-name products such as Intel, Microsoft, Adaptec, Mitsubishi, and others to its customers with the best prices

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