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KDDI to Merge with Au Cell Phone Co., Retain Au Brand Name [2001_Jul-31]
Yahoo Japan to Delay ADSL Service [2001_Jul-31]
NTT Regional Cos. to Acquire Preliminary FWA License to Launch 10Mbps Wireless Internet Service [2001_Jul-25]
‘We Will Never Lose Out to Japan in Broadband Business’: Hanaro Telecom Pres. [2001_Jul-19]
Japanese ISPs Are in the Middle of Competition [2001_Jul-18]
Nettime to Ship Encryption System for Windows CE PDA in December [2001_Jul-18]
Lotus’ New Domino to Enable Groupware Use from PDAs [2001_Jul-17]
Broadband Services Reach 6.25 Million Korean Homes: Ministry Report [2001_Jul-16]
Lines Used for Usen’s FTTH Service Exceed 1,000, Topping NTT’s Regional Operators [2001_Jul-12]
Number of DSL Subscribers to Reach 300,000; NTT Regionals Top 60 Pct. [2001_Jul-11]
Nifty to Launch PC-Cell Phone Instant Messaging Service in Japan [2001_Jul-11]
ACCA Networks Plans 8Mbps ADSL Service to Rival Yahoo Broadband [2001_Jul-9]
Sony Starts ADSL Service for Businesses [2001_Jul-5]
New Bluetooth Platform to Augment Other Mobile Phone Systems: Ericsson GM [2001_Jul-5]
Level 3 Communications Launches 10Gbps H.K.-Japan Undersea Cable [2001_Jul-3]
NTT Establishes New Firm for Broadband Content Distribution [2001_Jul-3]
NTT DoCoMo Launches Area Information Service for I-Mode Using Users’ Location [2001_Jul-2]

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