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NTT Fixed-Rate ISDN to Top 1M Circuits, But ADSL Charge Reduction May Slow Growth [2001_Aug-31]
NTT DoCoMo to Launch Pilot Live Streaming Service via FOMA Network [2001_Aug-30]
Japan Communications to Resell PHS Data Network [2001_Aug-29]
TU-KA Group to Launch 28.8kbps Packet Data Communication Service in October [2001_Aug-23]
Wireless LAN Service to Help Boost Roaming Demand: GRIC Communications CEO [2001_Aug-23]
IE's Security Hole Disables Windows Operation After Accessing Web Sites [2001_Aug-23]
DDI Pocket to Resell PHS Packet Network to Third Parties Offering Own Service [2001_Aug-22]
Japan's xDSL Lines Exceed 400,000 at End of July: Gov't Report [2001_Aug-17]
IIJ Completes Connection to IPv6-Based IX '6TAP Palo Alto' [2001_Aug-8]
DDI Pocket to Start Fixed-Rate PHS Data Communications Service [2001_Aug-7]
KDDI to Offer Settlement Agency Service for E-Commerce Sites With EZweb [2001_Aug-2]
Pumatech Japan VP Expects More PDAs on the Business Scene [2001_Aug-2]
NTT DoCoMo Announces Customer Evaluation Survey for Trial FOMA Service [2001_Aug-2]
Omron, Pia to Offer Mobile Information Service via Railway Ticket Gates [2001_Aug-2]
Japan's CATV Internet Users Reach 967,000: Ministry Report [2001_Aug-2]
So-net to Cut ADSL Rates to Compete with Yahoo! BB [2001_Aug-1]

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