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FTC Warns NTT Regionals for Unfairly Favoring Users of Its Own ADSL Service [2001_Dec-28]
EAccess, Other ADSL Operators Clash with Softbank at Gov't Telecom Hearing [2001_Dec-24]
Softbank to Launch IP Telephone Service in Spring of 2002 [2001_Dec-21]
NTT Com to Develop Prototype Controller for Home Appliances Using IPv6 Network [2001_Dec-19]
Nifty, EAccess to Launch IPv6 Field Trial Service for Consumers in Jan. [2001_Dec-18]
Pumatech, Sharp to Start Data Sync Service Between PCs, PDAs [2001_Dec-18]
Root Develops Wireless LAN Device Supporting IPv6 [2001_Dec-13]
Challenging the Common Sense of Net Security Management: CEO of [2001_Dec-13]
XDSL Subscriber Contracts Reach 1.2 Mln. in Japan: Gov't Report [2001_Dec-12]
Japan's IT Strategy Headquarters Discusses Telecom Reform [2001_Dec-12]
C&W; to Acquire PSINet Japan; IP Service Sales in Japan to Top US$150 Million [2001_Dec-11]
Mobile Phone Subscription Rates Slow in Japan [2001_Dec-11]
Fujitsu, Others Deploy Test Network to Enhance Wide Area Ethernet Usability [2001_Dec-10]
KDDI to Launch Wide-Area Ethernet Service with Competitive Regional Rates [2001_Dec-7]
NTT Develops Prototype Terminal Capable of PHS/Wireless LAN Protocol [2001_Dec-4]
NTT East, NTT West to Debut ISDN Video Phones Linking to FOMA Video Phones [2001_Dec-3]
KDDI Launches Next-Generation EZweb Services [2001_Dec-3]

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