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IPv6 Wireless Network Experiment Begins in Kyoto [2002_Feb-28]
Elmic Systems to Launch Embedded IPv6 Stack with Encryption Function [2002_Feb-27]
U.S. SecurityFocus Enters Japanese Market [2002_Feb-27]
Au to Debut Mobile Phone with Electronic Compass Function [2002_Feb-26]
Kyushu Home Users to Get 100Mbps FTTH Net Service in April [2002_Feb-26]
FOMA's Service Area to Expand to Cover 60 Pct. of Japan in April [2002_Feb-26]
NTT Communications to Launch Hotspot Service in April [2002_Feb-22]
NTT DoCoMo, Nissan Agree to Jointly Develop FOMA/Car Navigation Service [2002_Feb-21]
Opening Up of Browser-Phone Billing Services Postponed in Japan [2002_Feb-20]
Germany's E-Plus to Offer I-Mode Service in Partnership with NTT DoCoMo [2002_Feb-20]
AlphaOmega Soft Will Release Camera Server for FOMA [2002_Feb-19]
NTT East Begins Trial of Estimation System for ADSL Speed [2002_Feb-19]
TU-KA Group Starts Instant Messaging on Mobile Phones [2002_Feb-19]
Japan's Proposal for 42Mbps CATV Modulation Method Set to Become Int'l Standard [2002_Feb-19]
NTT DoCoMo to Offer Portal Service for PDAs for Consumer, Enterprise Users [2002_Feb-18]
Ministry Gives Administrative Guidance to NTT Regional Cos., BB Technologies on ADSL Services [2002_Feb-14]
J-SKY to Support 28.8kbps Packet Communication, Enabling Video Mail Exchange Via Cell Phones [2002_Feb-13]
[NET&COM;] TEPCO to Compete with NTT for FTTH Service Via New Optical Fiber Net [2002_Feb-12]
[NET&COM;] Users of I-Appli Phones Reach 11 Million: NTT DoCoMo [2002_Feb-8]
[NET&COM;] IPv6 is Essential to Broadband Solutions, NTT Com Says [2002_Feb-7]
QB to Start Rental Video Service Via ADSL in March [2002_Feb-6]
[NET&COM;] NET&COM; Show to Start, Featuring Mobile and Home Networking [2002_Feb-6]
DDI Pocket Adds RSA Security Functions to Wholesale Leasing of PHS Network [2002_Feb-4]
Gov't to Grant Type-I Telecom Carrier License to Tokyo Electric Power [2002_Feb-4]
K-Opticom to Offer FTTH Service to Cover 70 Pct. of Homes in Kansai Region [2002_Feb-1]
Japan's ADSL Subscribers Surpass CATV Net Subscribers [2002_Feb-1]

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