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NTT Labs, NTT East Develop High-Quality Image Distribution Via FTTH [2002_Mar-21]
MIS Launches Mobile Wireless Access on the Street [2002_Mar-21]
NTT DoCoMo to Begin Wireless LAN Trial Service for Integration with FOMA Service [2002_Mar-19]
Four People Join Video Conference with FOMA Terminals, NTT DoCoMo to Begin Experiment in May [2002_Mar-18]
KDDI to Focus Core Operations on CdmaOne, Business Plan Says [2002_Mar-18]
Japan's IP Phone Users May Exceed Fixed Line/ISDN Users in 2006 [2002_Mar-15]
Japan's xDSL Subscribers Reach 2 Million: Gov't Report [2002_Mar-14]
[CeBIT 2002] Germany's E-Plus to Add New Toshiba I-Mode Model [2002_Mar-14]
Instant Messaging Services for Mobile Phones Mushroom in Japan [2002_Mar-13]
KDDI to Start CDMA2000 1x 3G Mobile Phone Service in April [2002_Mar-12]
KDDI to Stop Accepting Subscribers for PDC System, Promote CdmaOne [2002_Mar-7]
Pumatech Japan Backs SyncML to Link Information Devices to the Net, Pres. Says [2002_Mar-7]
Omron Develops Bluetooth Automatic E-Ticket-Taking System [2002_Mar-6]
Hitachi to Offer Hotspot Deployment Service with @Venture at Commercial Places [2002_Mar-6]
IIJ to Launch Internet VPN Service Covering 50 Countries in April [2002_Mar-6]
Companies Implementing More Measures Against Junk Mail in March [2002_Mar-5]
Allied Telesis to Release VDSL Products in May [2002_Mar-4]
K-Opticom Accepts 17,000 Advance Registrations for FTTH Service in Kansai [2002_Mar-1]

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