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Softbank Group to Launch Multi-Channel Broadcast Biz With 'Yahoo! BB' Service [2002_Jul-31]
ACCA Networks Launches 10Mbps ADSL Service [2002_Jul-30]
NTT DoCoMo Expanding FOMA Service Areas [2002_Jul-29]
KDDI to Offer Corporate Location Tracking Service for GPS-Enabled Cell Phones [2002_Jul-24]
[Wireless Japan] Qualcomm Gives BREW Demo, Shows Prototype Phone Running Eight Kinds of Applications [2002_Jul-22]
IIJ, PoweredCom Discuss Possible Integration to Rival NTT [2002_Jul-22]
Cisco Systems KK, Others Team Up to Advance Cisco's Web-Based Processing System [2002_Jul-19]
NTT-East Sets Up New Firm to Offer Wireless LAN Service [2002_Jul-18]
Softbank Group BB Phone Acquires Subscribers Including 200,000 Consumers, 3,000 Companies [2002_Jul-18]
Usen to Get Type-1 Telecom License for HFC Service; Sept. Launch Planned at 3,000 Yen/Mo. [2002_Jul-15]
KDDI to Offer IP Phone Service for Corporate Users in July, for Households this Fall [2002_Jul-11]
Japan's xDSL Subscribers Reach 3.3 Million, Showing Growth Slowdown [2002_Jul-11]
NTT DoCoMo to Release New FOMA PDA with Video Phone Function [2002_Jul-11]
NTT DoCoMo to Roll Out PHS Phone that Supports FOMA [2002_Jul-10]
[N+I 2002] NTT-ME Develops Cordless Bluetooth Telephone [2002_Jul-9]
[N+I 2002] WECA Establishes Wireless LAN Certification Lab in Japan [2002_Jul-9]
[N+I 2002] Sanyo Debuts Digital Camera with Wireless LAN Capability [2002_Jul-8]
Demand for CATV Internet Declines Sharply in May; FTTH Doubles Over Previous Month [2002_Jul-4]
Atheros First to Market Chipset for Outdoor 5GHz Wireless LAN in Japan [2002_Jul-3]
KDDI to Test Access from Mobile Phone to IPv6 Network [2002_Jul-1]
VoIP Cell Phones Wait in the Wings [2002_Jul-1]

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