Nikkei Electronics Asia (NE Asia), a monthly publication for and about the electronics industry, delivers essential news and information of particular relevance to today’s design engineers, corporate buyers and other industry specialists. Focusing on near-future products and technologies, NE Asia’s reports and articles cover the full industry spectrum, from a range of different perspectives. The writing is analytical, logical and easy to follow. Photographs are used to enhance the reader’s understanding of the subject matter, and complex concepts are explained with the aid of good, clear illustrations.

The main sections in NE Asia include:

Tech Alert – which provides a digest of the latest industry news stories, and a quick reference to the recent trends and developments within the industry.

Technology Features – which includes a number of technical articles from our specialist writers and columnists based throughout Asia, the US and Europe. Articles are classified according to subject matter into various categories: Communications & Networking, Components, Computers, Consumer Electronics, EDA, Manufacturing, Peripherals, Tests & Measurements and Trade Shows. This section also carries regular bi-monthly columns – like EDA Edge, MicroTech Watch, Pins & Vias and Point-to-Point – which deal with more specialist subject areas. The Cover Story is the main article in the Technology Features section, and is an in-depth, analytical report which each month examines topical industry trends and innovations.

Industry Insights – which provides industry experts with a means through which they can share their design ideas, knowledge and insights with our readers. NE Asia welcomes contribution articles from industry experts, on a variety of topics.

News from Asia-Pacific – in which our writers/correspondents report from all corners of the Asia-Pacific region on any new local developments and events in the electronics and IT industries.

Interview – which provides the reader with an insight into the thoughts, expectations and ideas of senior industry executives. Each month one of our writers/correspondents comes face-to-face with a prominent figure from within the industry for a candid discussion.

New Products (Product Highlights and Product Files) – which offers valuable information about the latest products available on the market. Corporate buyers, engineers, and anyone else needing to select the right products or parts will find this section most useful. Product descriptions, along with prices and company contact details, are presented in their respective categories for easy reference.

NE Asia also provides other useful information each month, such as the Calendar of Events for trade shows and conferences, and the Market Indicators that keep track of key industry statistics.

From time to time, and in addition to the regular sections, we also publish Special Supplements on specific products and technologies, regional markets and trade shows.

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