Nikkei Electronics China

Nikkei Electronics China (NE China), the first magazine within the Nikkei Business Publications Inc group targeted specifically at the China market, was launched in September 2002. Addressing the interests of electronics engineers and managers in China, NE China is published in simplified Chinese. Initial circulation is 20,000 for the first year. Each month, NE China delivers the latest news and information about upcoming technologies in the electronics industry, as well as analyzing the recent trends and developments. NE China’s articles cover a wide range of subjects – from communications & networking, components, computers, consumer electronics, EDA, Internet, and manufacturing, to peripherals, tests & measurements, etc. Besides including articles translated from NE Asia, NE China also contains articles written specifically for a Chinese readership, as well as articles written by Chinese engineers and writers on topics related to China’s electronics industry.

The main sections in NE China include:

Tech Alert – Brief summary of important industry and technology news

Cover Story – In-depth report and analysis of an upcoming technology/product trend

Technology Analysis – Analysis of an upcoming technology or product

Technology Features – Short analytical articles covering various aspects of the electronics industry

Focus on China – Articles written by Chinese engineers and writers on China-related topics

View on China – Company executives share their views and business strategies concerning China’s electronics industry

Akihabara Watch – Highlights of the latest consumer electronics from Japan

Industry Insights – Companies/engineers discuss the new technologies or products they are developing

News from Asia-Pacific – Our correspondents, based around the Asia-Pacific region, report on what’s been happening in their respective countries/regions

Interview – Face-to-face discussions with company executives

New Products – The latest electronics offerings from around the world

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