Banner Ad Sizes and Specifications:

NE Asia Online offers a choice of advertising menu to suit different promotional goals.

NE Asia Online

Size (Pixels) Guaranteed
Position Visibility Price (US$)
Short Banner
200 x 33 300,000 Top All pages 4,500
Long Banner
468 x 60 100,000 Top All pages 3,500
Small Button
120 x 60 100,000 Left hand All pages 1,500

1) All advertisements are on a non-exclusive basis.
2) Banner file size should not be more than 12K Byte.
3) Banner file type is based on gif89a.
4) Contract should be made at least 10 days before running ad.
5) Change of gif file is allowed only at the beginning of the month with at least 5 working days prior notice.
6) Special and customized banner sizes are available but subject to approval and loading.
7) Banner sizes and positions are subject to change at the publishers discretion without prior notice to the advertisers.
8) NE Asia Online reserves the right to reject advertisements considered unacceptable as to creative, wordings, looks, or for any other reasons or for any other reasons.
9) For more specific enquiries, please contact our sales representatives near you.

Rate Card:

Please refer to our Sales Offices/Representatives who will be able to give you the current rate card and more information about the various sponsorship packages available on NE Asia Online website.


Ads served by the NE Asia Online are controlled and managed by one of the industry standard Ad Management Software, NetGravity. NE Asia Online will deliver to each advertiser advertising statistics, including, how many impressions were served, how many clickthroughs were achieved, and what clickthrough rate was achieved, after the campaign.

Your actual clickthrough rate will depend on the appearance of your ad, and what it offers in terms of a marketing message and call to action.

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