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ST, Microtune Develop Cable STB Designs

STMicroelectronics and Microtune Inc have announced continuing joint-development efforts with plans to develop cable set-top box (STB) reference designs featuring their complementary digital and radio frequency (RF) silicon technologies. Targeted at worldwide markets, the reference designs are engineered to accelerate the deployment of next-generation cable STBs and residential gateways.

The reference designs combine the two companies’ integrated front-end and back-end chips in complete solutions. As their first initiative, ST and Microtune have developed a cable STB platform for the high-volume markets of Europe and Asia. This is based on ST’s STV0297 QAM demodulator and STi5518 single-chip STB decoder, combined with Microtune’s MicroTuner MT2040 single-chip tuner and MT1230 intermediate frequency amplifier.

The second initiative is a reference design for a cable Internet STB offering not only TV reception, but also Web surfing, advanced display and graphics features and video streaming. This interactive reference platform integrates the complete ST/Microtune DOCSIS 1.1-based cable modem as part of the multi-tuner STB architecture. It deploys ST’s STV0297J QAM demodulator, STi5514 single-chip STB decoder, ST40GX1 graphics chip and STV0396 single-chip cable modem, implemented with Microtune’s MicroTuner MT2040 single-chip tuner, MT1230 intermediate frequency amplifier and MicroStreamer MT1535 upstream amplifier.

Both companies will jointly sell and market solutions resulting from their relationship. ST and Microtune are also working towards joint programs for other high-growth markets beyond near-term cable modem and STB opportunities.

(January 2002 Issue, Nikkei Electronics Asia)

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