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  • Coca-Cola, DoCoMo, Itochu Debut I-Mode-Enabled Vending Machine Business

  • April 16, 2002 (TOKYO) — Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd., NTT DoCoMo Inc. and Itochu Corp. announced on April 15 that they will start a nationwide business this month of automatic vending machines linked with the i-mode mobile communications system. From Japan

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  • Japanese Makers Unveil Electric Appliances with Internet Links

  • April 15, 2002 (TOKYO) — Despite the slumping business in the consumer electronics sector caused by the recession in IT-related industries, Japanese makers have begun marketing home electric appliances with links to the Internet. From Japan

  • How to Make Use of Japanese Technology — Sharp Concentrates Resources on LCDs

  • April 15, 2002 (TOKYO) — At the end of October 2001, the stock market was bracing for Sharp Corp.’s midterm results for September 2001. The average price of liquid-crystal displays, Sharp’s mainstay product, had plunged by more than 30 percent in the past year, and most of its rival firms had turned into the red. From Japan

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  • World Cell Phone Production Shows Signs of Recovery

  • April 15, 2002 (TOKYO) — The long-sluggish global cellular phone market appears to be showing signs of a recovery. From Japan

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  • IBM Japan to Withdraw from PDA Business

  • April 16, 2002 (TOKYO) — IBM Japan Ltd. disclosed that it will withdraw from the personal digital assistant (PDA) business in Japan within 2002. From Japan

  • Shanghai Records Rise in Trade Volume

  • April 16, 2002 (SHANGHAI, China) — Exports from Shanghai ports hit US$17.2 billion in the first quarter, a rise of 13 percent over the same period in 2001, according to the Shanghai customs authority. From China

  • ‘We Don’t Expect Customers to Migrate Fully to Windows,’ Microsoft VP Says

  • April 16, 2002 (TOKYO) — “We don’t expect that all customers will migrate fully to the Microsoft environment,” said U.S. Microsoft Corp. Vice President Jonathan Murray. From Japan

  • Hynix Records Surplus in Q1 Operating Profits

  • April 16, 2002 (SEOUL) — With Hynix Semiconductor Inc. reaping 109-billion-won worth of operating profits during the first quarter of this year, speculation is rising regarding independent survival of the chipmaker, which has been involved in a prolonged sales negotiation progress with Micron Technology Inc. From Korea

  • Fujitsu Develops Antenna Technology to Cut Cost of 3G Wireless System

  • April 16, 2002 (TOKYO) — Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. developed a new antenna technology that reduces the cost of third-generation wireless communications systems. From Japan

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  • Free Internet Access Services Likely to Remain: CEO of FreeBit.Com

  • April 11, 2002 (TOKYO) — FreeBit.Com Co., Ltd. is a venture company that specializes in providing and hosting equipment for services, such as mail servers, for Internet service providers (ISPs). From Japan

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  • IBM to Dominate Server Market

  • Servex Australia Gains New Identity

  • Cutting-Edge Designs for Networking, Video

  • Penang to Create Cluster for Photonics Industry

  • DVM/VBR Extends Reach of Internet Broadcasts

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  • Canon, Applied Material to Ally in Chip-Making Technology
  • From Nikkei Net Interactive
  • South China’s Shenzhen Reports Surge in Foreign Direct Investment
  • From China
  • Elpida May Build 12-In. Wafer Plant in Taiwan
  • From Taiwan
  • Total IPv6 Users in Japan Still Fewer Than 1,000
  • From Japan
  • Elitegroup’s DeskNote Enlists Support in China
  • From Taiwan
  • Samsung Electronics Set for Best Q1 Net on Chips, Phones
  • From SV.com
  • Indian State Sees Jump in Biotech Investments
  • From SV.com
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  • Hynix Post Profits in 1st Quarter
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  • TSMC And UMC Question Plan to Restrict Movemen
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  • Tech Firms Eye Vast Market
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  • Taiwan’s Benq Predicts Jump in Chinese Sales
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  • Hitachi Exits one Fujian TV Venture to Join Another
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