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  • Japan’s Broadband Users Reach 5 Million: Ministry Report

  • August 2, 2002 (TOKYO) — The number of broadband service users is about to reach the 5-million-mark in Japan. From Japan

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  • J-Phone’s New Java Platform Could Be Proprietary

  • August 2, 2002 (TOKYO) — The software platform for J-Phone Co., Ltd.’s cellular phones is under review, and a possibility exists that the company will need to adopt new specifications that are incompatible with those used in existing products, according to IT industry sources. From Japan

  • Samsung Electronics Wins Quality Standard for DDR Chip from Intel

  • August 2, 2002 (SEOUL) — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced on Aug. 1 that it received a quality standard notice from Intel Corp. for its new DDR333 chip. From Korea

  • Web Services to Generate New Business: Accenture

  • August 2, 2002 (TOKYO) — Nobuaki Katsuya, a partner in the Solution Engineering Group at Accenture Corp., said at a press briefing that the company will strengthen its Web service business for corporate customers. From Japan

  • Apple, Dell Set Up Purchasing Offices in Shanghai

  • August 2, 2002 (TAIPEI) — After setting up an operational outlet in Shenzhen, China, Apple Computer Inc.’s “Asia Purchase and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Office” will establish another representative office in Shanghai soon. From Taiwan

  • NTT DoCoMo to Launch Pocket PC-Based PDA with Built-In FOMA Packet Capability

  • August 2, 2002 (TOKYO) — NTT DoCoMo Inc. announced that on Sept. 6 it will launch a personal digital assistant (PDA), called “musea,” with a built-in wireless packet communication function for “FOMA,” a third-generation mobile communication service. From Japan

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  • Specs for 10GbE to be Integrated: Vice President of Extreme Networks Says

  • August 1, 2002 (TOKYO) — The IEEE802.3 working group in June set the specification for IEEE802.3ae, the 10Gb Ethernet (10GbE) standard. There have been some products in the market since then. From Japan

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  • Taiwan TFT-LCD Makers Win Global Market Share

  • DNP, ST Establish Photomask Facility in Italy

  • Webmall for Second-Hand Chip Equipment

  • STARC, IMEC Cooperate in SoC Design Methodology

  • Toppoly Completes Fab 1 Construction

  • Samsung Develops 90nm Technology for SoC

  • ITI Expands Photomask Operations Into Asia

  • Sanyo, B&O; Single-Chip 0.005% THD Digital Amp

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  • ANALYSIS: Japan Telecom Unable to Devise Recovery Strategy
  • From Nikkei Net Interactive
  • TI Ships Audio Power Amplifier Suitable for 3G Mobile Phones, PDAs
  • From Japan
  • Xilinx Becomes No. 1 in Japan’s Programmable Logic Device Market: Xilinx Japan Pres.
  • From Japan
  • Hewlett-Packard to Decide Soon on LCD Panel Suppliers
  • From Taiwan
  • Olympus, Fujifilm Develop Stamp-Sized, Next-Generation Small Media
  • From Japan
  • Hutchison, Cheung Kong to Boost Stake in Priceline.com
  • From SV.com
  • Taiwan Chipmakers Set to Reap Outsourcing Trend
  • From SV.com
  • India’s Patni Computer Aims to Beat Industry Growth
  • From SV.com
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  • Future of Rewritable DVDs to Depend on Competition Over Standards

  • July 29, 2002 (TOKYO) — The rewritable-DVD market will change beginning in 2003, with the standard for the product to be fully resolved. From Japan

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  • [World DRAM Price] Declining Prices for Volume Users Continue as Spot Prices Rise

  • July 31, 2002 (TOKYO) — The rolling average prices of 128Mb DRAMs (PC 133, 16M x 8) for large-volume users in the 30-day period between June 13 and July 12, 2002 showed a further decline in North America, Europe and Asia. From Japan

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  • Asian Tech Profits at Risk by US Rules
  • South China Morning Post
  • PLDT Profit Doubles, Led by Mobile Phone Units
  • South China Morning Post
  • KT Profit in Q2 Surges to W479.4 Bil.
  • Korea Herald
  • Hanaro Starts Animation Series with N. Korean Firm
  • Korea Herald
  • TSMC Wants to Ally with Designers, Not Buy Them
  • Taipei Times
  • IBM Opens New Microchip Plant
  • Taipei Times

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