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  • Samsung SDI, UDC to Develop AM-Type Color Organic EL Panel Using Phosphorescent Material

  • October 16, 2001 (TOKYO) — Universal Display Corp. (UDC) and Korea’s Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. have reached an agreement to jointly develop active matrix-type color organic EL panels. From Japan

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  • Wireless Roaming Technologies Start to Spread in Earnest with PDAs

  • October 15, 2001 (TOKYO) — Today, wireless LAN or Bluetooth technologies are more widely used than before at fixed locations such as “hot spot” services. From Japan

  • Fujifilm Finds LCD Materials Generate a Fortune

  • October 15, 2001 (TOKYO) — While all information technology-related enterprises are now in the contractionary spiral of reduced profits, sluggish stock prices and squeezed equipment investments, there are some products which are on an expansive note of increased profits and production. From Japan

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  • Taiwan’s LSI Industry: Full Operations for DRAMs, 50 Pct. for Logic LSIs

  • October 15, 2001 (TOKYO) — There appear to be remarkable differences between Taiwan’s 200mm wafer processing line average working ratio of DRAM-based and logic LSI-based manufacturers. From Japan

  • PC Sales in Fourth Week of September Drop to Lowest Level Since May 2000

  • October 15, 2001 (TOKYO) — PC sales in volume in the fourth week of September (Sept. 17-23, 2001) declined by about 10 percent from the previous week to mark the lowest figure this year. From Japan

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  • ProMos Technologies Delays Expenditures on 12-In. Fab

  • October 16, 2001 (TAIPEI) — The continuing low visibility of global dynamic random access memory prospects and the lack of abundant funds has forced OTC-listed ProMos Technologies Inc., a DRAM manufacturing venture between Mosel Vitelic Inc. and Germany-based Infineon Technologies AG, to delay its planned capital expenditures on a 12-inch wafer fab. From Taiwan

  • Foreign Makers to Launch Carbon Nanotube Businesses in Succession

  • October 16, 2001 (TOKYO) — Many carbon nanotube makers from Japan, France, China, and Cyprus exhibited at the “Tsukuba Symposium on Carbon Nanotube in Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of its Discovery,” held on Oct. 3-5, in Tsukuba, Ibaragi Prefecture. From Japan

  • China’s First Million-Gate SoC Put into Production

  • October 16, 2001 (BEIJING) — “Star I” (ZC0301), China’s first million-gate, large scale system-on-chip with its own independent intellectual property rights, has been put into production, according to Beijing’s V Microelectronic Corp. From China

  • Japan’s FTTH Circuits in Service Reach 3,500 as of End of September

  • October 16, 2001 (TOKYO) — The progress in fiber-to-the-home service offerings in Japan has been revealed by usen Corp. and NTT regional companies. From Japan

  • China Unicom’s CDMA Wireless Network Nearing Completion

  • October 16, 2001 (BEIJING) — Construction of China’s first code division multiple access (CDMA) network is expected to be completed by the end of October, with trial operation starting as early as the end of this year, according to China Unicom. From China

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  • Spread of Wireless Roaming Depends on Software, Philips Exec Says

  • October 11, 2001 (TOKYO) — Western electronics appliance manufacturers are actively working hard to realize wireless roaming for wireless communications like cellular phones and personal handyphone systems by combining with short distance wireless technologies, such as wireless LANs and Bluetooth. From Japan

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  • Indian Designers Attract Optical Networking Firms

  • NTT Launches Internet Services

  • First MJPEG Portable Multimedia Player Launched

  • Asustek Teams up with I-Berhad to Make Notebooks

  • Minister Calls for More IT Training

  • Demand for Payment Systems Boosts Intellect

  • Motorola Suzhou Center Focuses on Embedded MCU

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  • ANALYSIS: PC Makers Count on Windows XP to Unleash Demand
  • From Nikkei Net Interactive
  • Honkworm International to Produce Ads in Japan, Using Brand Names in Animation
  • From Japan
  • Multinationals Help Boost High-Tech Industries in Shandong
  • From China
  • ‘Bar Code on Mobile’ Tickets for Motor Show Issued on Web Accounts
  • From Japan
  • Indian Tech Workers Get Lessons in Post-Attack Etiquette
  • From SV.com
  • Key Asian Markets Stuck in Negative Territory
  • From SV.com
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  • VIA to Market Branded PC Parts to Combat Legal Woes
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  • Far EasTone Says GPRS Launch Hurt by Lack of Handsets
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  • Chipmaker Hynix Faces Loan Default
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  • Gates Flies into XP Storm
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  • Samsung SDI to Export PDPs to Italian Firm
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  • KT Moves to Help Info-Tech Ventures
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