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(NEA Apr. 2000 Issue)

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Leading hardware and software companies have announced their support for the Linux operating system, so it appears it is gaining momentum in the Japanese market today. However, some industry experts say people are merely "talking about Linux," and it remains to be seen how Linux will be evaluated by users and how it will be adopted and used in the future.

Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. is pleased to announce our "Linux Market Survey in Japan," which gives insights into questions such as "Is the Linux market prime time?" or "Is Linux a promising opportunity?" With extensive experience in IT surveys, we are delighted to provide you with reliable Linux market data in a series of four studies in a one-year period.

- This survey is not a one-time program. It will be carried out four times over a period of one year (roughly every three months) in the form of a fixed-point observation. Therefore, you will be able to understand the "movement" of the market.

- The survey target includes readers of our computer-related and personal computer magazines to obtain a wide market response covering PC end users to IT system departments of enterprises.

- Statistics calculations are based on the annual subscribers of the magazines so that consistent and reliable time series data can be collected.

Method:Physical mail
Target:Randomly selected 1,200 readers of Nikkei BP's computer or personal computer magazines per survey. (Total of 4,800 samples for four surveys)
Response:Target response rate of 40% - 50% (480 - 600 responses per survey)
-1st survey: late June 1999, Report issue: Now available
-2nd survey: early September 1999, Report issue: December 1999
-3rd survey: late November 1999, Report issue: Mid January 2000
-4th survey: late February 2000, Report issue: Mid April 2000
"Survey report" (English): Letter-size paper, Approximately 20 pages.
"Statistics" (Japanese): Approximately 10 pages.
"Attachment" (Japanese): Computer output of basic cross summaries (by business, work department, number of employees, etc.) Approximately 100 pages.
Price:700,000 yen

Survey contents include:
1.Respondents' basic attributes (age, business, work department, number of employees, job position/post)

2.Installations of computer systems in general, Type of computer, One PC to one person environment, Use of e-mail, Groupware, LAN/WAN deployment, Type of server OS and desktop OS.

3.Linux awareness, experience and interest.

4.Existing Linux adoption motives (Windows NT/UNIX replacement or new introduction?), When adopted, how obtained (distribution), Number of servers and clients, Use/application, Whether support service for Linux contracted or not (the vendor name is specified if contracted), Satisfaction level, Merits/demerits (free comments), Addition and installation plans.

5.New Linux adoption motives (Windows NT/UNIX replacement or new introduction?), When to adopt, How to obtain Linux (distribution), Number of servers and clients, Use/application, Concerns/issues (free comments).

6.Recognition of Linux-related products and services. Image of enterprises or vendors that focus on Linux.
*The survey content will be the same for all four surveys. However, it could be changed partly, as necessary.

Inquiries and orders regarding this report should be made to: AsiaBizTech Editorial Dept., Nikkei Business Publications, Inc., Tokyo, Japan.

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